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Happy by Pharrell Williams is one of my favourite songs at the moment.  Such a great tune that I can’t help but sing along to it whenever I hear it.    It reminds me so much of Team Honk as that became our unofficial theme song this year.   Trouble is now when I hear it, it makes me cry too. Happy tears.  But cry nonetheless.

But this week, happy for me been the result of some really simple things and I have been reminded that it is the simple things in life that give me the most joy and make me happiest.

Putting a load of washing on the line and knowing it will be dry in an hour

A freshly mown lawn

Going to my eldest daughter’s flat for tea and cake and meeting her new kitten, Pebbles.

Seeing a rainbow

Spending a day amongst friends

Laughing as Mr B decides he is going to try and climb into my blog bag

Watching the pigeons on our lawn eat the whole loaf of bread I have just thrown all over it.

Making other people happy by doing something simple, as happened this week with the sunshine in the photo above.  I wrote about here if you missed it:  Karma and sunshine

These are things that really make my heart sing and put a renewed spring in my step

That make me truly happy



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