HDYGG — Part 1

Huh diggidy what?

Let me explain.   #HDYGG is a linky that Annie runs over on her blog.  A chance to do a blog post once a week to show “How Does Your Garden Grow”.    I have never felt able to link up before as our garden has been a bit of a disaster of late.

Neither Mr B nor I are natural born gardeners (that is what the BBC should have called that allotment programme then they could have stopped using the term “allotmenteers” which makes me get stabby) so our garden looks amazing once it has been done but then goes downhill until it is next done.     It used to be done by the lovely Mr B Sr who would do all the jobs in it that I would never have thought to do, but since he is a little less mobile these days we now pay somebody to do that for us.

We are lucky to have a lovely long garden, it is one of the reasons we bought our house.   We dismissed an entire desirable “everybody wants to live there” estate on the outskirts of our town as the gardens are quite small.   We didn’t want to be overlooked, and we wanted a decent garden so we could get a hot tub in it.

So we only have ourselves to blame that we now have a garden that needs attention.

As I try to focus on ways to be happy and contented I am turning to the garden more and more now.  Sitting in it for ten minutes last Sunday to make the most of the sunshine, for instance.     Going out and standing in the grass to “ground myself” when I have had a stressful morning.    Throwing a ball around for the dog to chase after.   All really simple things that give me joy in our garden.

Which is why I have decided to start linking up with Annie for #HDYGG.    So I can document as our garden grows and develops.

As a starter here is a bit of a “before and after”


A simple lawn cut and digging over one bed, both of which had been untouched for the best part of 7 months and the transformation was huge.  But is pretty much as far as we have got so far.

Though we have found that now the drive has been weeded too we have a patch of bluebells, just growing on their own out of the gravel.


Over the coming months the intention is to get more plants into that bed, get pots on the patio and, here’s the wish, get a raised bed vegetable patch at the end and document it here so you can see what is happening.


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  • I’ve also linked up for the first time this week. We tried to grow a few vegetables in our garden a couple of years ago. I found it quite hard work and we lost interest very quickly so I’m probably not the best person to comment! I look forward to seeing what you do with yours though. Good luck.

  • What a great blank canvas to work on. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.
    Love those bluebells

  • I’m so glad it’s not just me that is a bit crap at the gardening malarky. I get so jealous of the beautiful images on this linky! lol x

  • Your garden is nice and big and just doing the lawn looks like its made a big difference. Our raised veggie beds have only been in for a couple of months but I’ve almost filled them already, erk! Look forward to seeing what you grow over the next few months.

  • what i have learned with gardening is that it is not done in one day. it takes time and it is an ongoing thing. always. looks like you have a lot to work with there. best of luck!

  • What a lovely squiggly border, its going to look great, and I watch with interest

  • Your garden is really long =P
    Im not a TV person, allotmenteers sounds .. weird =P

  • Lovely lucky bluebells, welcome to one of my fave linkies, looks like you have a fantastic space to work with, enjoy your journey to greenfingers!

  • BOOM!That’s it, you are now officially at horticultural blogger! Gardening is hard work but ruddy addictive, especially this time of the year. When you see what a huge difference you’ve already made it really spurs you on. Next stop potted herbage!
    Is that a shed I spy at the bottom of your garden?

    Thanks for joining in – you’ve made my day !

  • Hello! The new border looks great! How exciting. I love cutting a new border in because it makes the edges look so tidy. I just find it hard not to get carried away. We are lucky to have a big-ish lawn- it was for the kids and the dogs to run and play- so I’m not allowed to take over tooo much. I love those bluebells. They look proud and perfect there!

  • What a huge transformation and it looks like you’ve got a great space too. We were sold on our garden too although the beautiful willow tree that really sold it had to go a year later. It wouldn’t take much at all to create something wonderful in your garden. Then you can just sit and quaff Pimms 🙂

  • It’ll be fun to follow along with your progress! Our garden is very similar to yours, long and thin. We extended the border on one side and put raised beds in a few weeks ago (it was hard work, but worth it)… now we’re just waiting for the little plants to pop up!

  • I really should photo the mess that is my garden so if it ever becomes tidy I’ve got some megggggga before and after photos going on.

  • Loving the before and after, great to see you joining in #hdygg – I look forward to seeing how you get on.