The Gallery — Morning

ah morning morning morning.

My busiest time of the day.  The results of which normally exhaust me.   The theme today for The Gallery is Morning and I expect there will be beautiful dawns, cheery baby smiles, pictures of toast but for me the picture above is what morning means to me.

Keys for the 60, if I am lucky, but more like 90 minute school run.

Tea because I can’t start the day without it and it has to be in bucket loads like that one.

And the dog’s lead as he needs a walk.

This my morning:

6.15am alarm goes off.  Wake up to find Mr B almost ready to leave so quick two second chat.   Pick up phone and check news / Twitter / Facebook

6.30am wake J up.   Jump in shower myself and get dressed

7am say goodbye to J, make sure he has money for fuel / if he will be in later on etc.   Wake up E.

7.05am go downstairs, feed cats, clear up washing up, unload dishwasher, reload it, load washing machine, tumble drier, tidy living room.  Check Twitter again.

7.15am check if E is actually up

7.16am check Twitter

7.25am Ask E if she is going to appear any time soon

7.30am make sure E has everything she needs for school.

7.35am Leave the house for school run

9am.  Get back to house.  Empty washing machine and tumble drier and reload.  Check Twitter

9.15am  Tidy our bedroom and make bed, bring washing from various bedrooms downstairs

9.20am Put kettle on.  Take dog out for a walk whilst checking Twitter.   Make tea

9.30am Sit down at desk

And then the rest of the day happens.   Pretty much tied to my desk, with the odd ten minute break to do dishwasher, walk dog again, do  washing machine, answer the door for parcels.   But that is my morning.

How is yours?

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  • Mine is very similar to yours, although without the 90 minute school run. That sounds hideous! My journey to work is 45 minutes to an hour each way though 🙁

  • Sounds exactly like mine only the child is małe, the school run is a bit shorter and I go to a hospital to work, after which I may go to the gym. The tea is coffee and the dogs are just let out into the yard. Husband works night shift so I leave him in the bed if he’s off or he’s not home if he’s on.