How to make the perfect cuppa

There has been much debate today with some friends about how to make the perfect cuppa.

Be it tea or coffee.  Sparked by one friend saying “I hate making tea.  I don’t really drink it so I can’t make it”.   I have similar thoughts on coffee, I can’t make coffee and do you know what, I don’t care as I don’t drink it.  And thankfully Mr B drinks it black so I can’t go wrong with that.

People then pitched in with how they make tea and how their way is the right way;  “Put the bag in first / squeeze the bag / don’t squeeze the bag / milk in first / tea in first” so we decided to blog our tea making recipes and link up.

How do you make yours?

This is how I make THE perfect cuppa.   Any deviation from this is, quite frankly, wrong.   Bags in mugs?  Peasants I say.   Oh and if you want a real tip, try Russian Caravan tea.  It is amazing.  Honestly.

My nickname is T.  I have a tea tattoo for heavens sake.  I am a guru when it comes to tea.


How to make the perfect cuppa
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
How to make the perfect cuppa
Recipe type: Drink
Cuisine: English Tea
Serves: lots
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Boiling Water
  1. Boil kettle. Allow to stand for one minute
  2. Put one tea spoon of tea per person into a pot and add another for the pot
  3. Pour water on to tea and allow to stand for three minutes. DO NOT STIR
  4. Pour tea through a strainer into desired mug
  5. Add milk to taste
  6. Add sugar to taste
  7. In that order. Milk in first scalds the milk, sugar in first burns it before it dissolves.



Or of course you could get the amazing Heston and Sage Appliances Tea Maker that I talk about all the time, that does it all automatically for you.   Or my new Teasmade that wakes you up with a cuppa (as long as you don’t leave the tea pot in the dishwasher downstairs).

So now you are in no doubt about how to make a perfect brew

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  • Good post and thanks for tip on Russian Caravan tea – will check it out. Our friend came back from Sri Lanka earlier this year and gave us a long demonstration on how to do a perfect cuppa. BTW I hate bag left in tea after milk has gone in because then I can’t put the bag in the compost. Well I suppose it wouldn’t be end of world, but don’t want those pesky foxes leaping out at me at the bottom of garden! x