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Great theme for The Gallery this week (do hop over to Tara’s blog and have a look at the others that have linked up, I am expecting some glorious piles of leaves or frosty pictures).    For me though nature is about warmth and not muddy fields and having to wrap up against the elements.

It is about relaxing and where I am often happiest, on holiday.   The above picture was taken from a part of the beach that we haven’t been to before, well we have been to it but we walked along it before, we never stopped.   And this year our good friend Marvin who is Bajan said he would do a beach barbecue for us at “his office”.   Marvin has a glass bottomed boat and does trips out to see the ship wreck, and to swim with turtles.    A must for any holiday on the island.  So his office is the beach, a particular part of the beach where people know he will be in order to book those trips.  And where he relaxes with his friends at the end of a long day.

It was an honour to be invited into his inner circle and to see the fish being prepared right before our eyes, to eat alongside locally grown veggies.  The view behind us and to the right was less than romantic as we all faced front:

I took myself off with the camera for ten minutes, with a rum cocktail, sat on the end of an upturned boat and photographed the sun setting.

Nature at its best for me.

How about you?  What sums nature up for you?

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  • As a mum of three very busy boys, Nature to me is a walk in the woods with the dog. As he plays happily amongst the crisp autumn leaves or jumps in puddles crackling with ice, I can stop, breathe and think – just for a little while. Bliss.

  • It looks so wonderful there T, would be amazing to be there now. Fabulous post and I love that first photo especially 🙂

  • Dreaming of summer sunsets now…and sadly there are a number of months to wait before experiencing those again! Beautiful photos.

  • Oh, lovely photo and I have a lovely mental image of you sat there with your rum cocktail in hand. *sigh* Wish I was there now!

  • Too beautiful for words. Here’s to the rum cocktail as it is very much in my nature.
    Seriously, sounds like a very lovely memory

  • Sunsets and rum cocktails, sounds pretty perfect to me! love that first picture

  • Mental note to self: next time I must hide in your suitcase. I’d even spend a few hours cooper up with Bruces socks for that view!

  • Wonderful, I love travel so nature is so many different things for me and Barbados being my place of birth is one of my favourite spots 🙂

  • That really is a gorgeous picture. Funny what a camera doesn’t show (if you admit shown the other two)