Ranty Friday — Recycling clothes

I don’t mean us recycling clothes, silly.  That is a brilliant idea.  I am a huge fan of recycling clothes, either by giving them to a charity shop or by putting them in a clothing bank.   No.  What I am talking about this week on Ranty Friday is the idea that Catherine Middleton et al are “recycling clothes” by simply wearing an outfit twice.

I saw a Tweet from Heat magazine on Tuesday (the one in the picture above) and I immediately replied with something along the lines of “No, it is not recycling, it is called “wearing an outfit again”.    This sort of mentality drives me mad.   Why the hell should it be a) news when a woman wears an outfit more than once and b) why shouldn’t she?

Do we really expect anybody to buy an outfit and then ditch it?  Even if in their local Oxfam shop or recycling bin.   Really?  Even Kate Middleton?   Do the royals not get enough stick about spending “from the public purse”.    Can you imagine the headlines in the Daily Mail if she were caught only wearing even a High Street dress, just the once and then dropping off to Oxfam?

It is insane to suggest such a thing.   Of course even celebs and royals should be able to wear something more than once and not be pictured in the papers “recycling an outfit”.

This sort of thing:


Or this.  Shock horror that Katherine Jenkins should wear something a mere TWO WEEKS after last wearing it:


So here’s the thing national press.  It is not called recycling.  It is called “wearing an outfit”.  It is what women do.  They buy.  They wear it.  They wear it again.  And again.  And again.  Even if they are the future Queen.

Unless is our wedding dress.  That would be odd.


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  • I wore my wedding dress twice. But then I did have a blessing as well as my actual wedding, so I can be forgiven yes?

  • As someone that used to hate clothes shopping, I wore my clothes until they wore out! I am so bad! 😉

  • I had a problem with only wearing my wedding dress once – i would love to wear it again but it’s not really the done thing to go out for a pint in it 😉

  • I agree – I wear my clothes until they wear out, why should celebs be different? Especially if its a lovely outfit.anyway. Xx

  • Utterly stupid! She’s hardly wearing the same outfit every day, that her wearing something more than once is worth all the fuss! Given how people whine about the Royals costing us in taxes, and that the Queen has re used many outfits over the years, you’d think they’d have better things to write about.

  • Oh it’s so ridiculous… does this mean that I am constantly recycling my clothes every day I wear them then? Isn’t that just…. wearing them?!! In this day and age you’d think she’d be praised for wearing the same thing twice – eco wise and tax payer money wise.

  • The Royals are known for keeping their outfits for years, the Princess Royal wore an outfit once that had last seen the light 25years earlier, I’m sure there are pictures of it somewhere.

  • Well I don’t know about up the road where you are, but down in Farnham at Posh Frocks or whatever it’s called, there are designer second hands that still have the labels on! (And that are now in my wardrobe, thanks very much you rich ladies of GU10.

    • Really?!!! I need to get me down there! I can assure you that in GU51 (Fleet) there are no such surprises!

      • It’s on the crossroads on the A287 just in South Farnham, next to Annie’s Antiques. Got lots of stuff from there!

  • Recycling would be if she cut it up for cleaning cloths…my Nan did that, I prefer a Brillo pad! I wear things until they are so old and well used they wouldn’t even pass muster as a duster!

  • Bloody ridiculous! It frustrates me so much that people in the media can’t do right for doing wrong. Like you say, they get stick for getting money from the public but if they dare to wear something more than once then it’s news! Insanity!

  • So stupid, and definitely not recycling! With a small child clothes shopping is virtually impossible so I’m “recycling” my clothes to death!

  • If you look closely HRH is not actually wearing the same outfit. The outer garment is a coat, underneath she has a darker blue outfit in one pic and what looks like a pale blue dress in the other pic. She’s just wearing a coay twice. ….I wear my coat….the same black coat. ..every day.

  • And have you noticed it’s only the female ‘slebs who get this s***?! Ooh, it makes me MAD! I’m only just getting my head round the idea that clothes shopping can be fun after a self imposed hiatus while having babies. My leggings now have so many holes in them they are more hole than legging, bit breezy in the winter but perfect for those balmy summer months 😉

  • God, I hate that sort of ‘news’. Up there with ‘Kate’s got grey hair,’ – that headline grabber that inspired whole news items on the likes of This Morning and Lorraine. Give the poor girl a break! Who cares if she’s got a few grey hairs or wears the same outfit twice. Good on her for being slightly normal.

  • They are damned if they do damned if they don’t these celebs, so what if they wear the same thing twice or over and over again. Drives me mad when things like this make headlines!

  • i have to agree with you and i saw that tweet and thought soemthing similar..like she just wore a dress more than once, she didnt save a whale or anything!