Rewinding the clock

Rewinding the clock


Wouldn’t you like to rewind sometimes?  To push the pause button and rewind a bit?  To get to a point where you think “I could do with rewinding the clock, just a little bit” and being able to do it a bit.

Or a lot?

When I think about finding a photo for this week’s theme on The Gallery the first thing that springs to mind is rewinding to find a pic of the teens.   As one moves out, one is looking at finalising his choice of university, and one now listening to music that makes me think “I do wish they wouldn’t scream /  BUT I CAN’T UNDERSTAND THE WORDS / Did he just swear?” I yearn for the days when they were small.   Didn’t have outside influences.   Outside pressures like paying the rent, running a car, making life choices.   I want to make it all stop.

Equally I am sure though they want to make me talking about them on this blog stop.   And the posting of pictures of them.   Whilst I think they are cute, adorable and gorgeous, they might not think the same way.   And I know that some of their friends and even their friend’s parents are occasional readers (*waves madly to them all*).   So in the interests of their privacy I am refraining from posting baby pictures of them.

And I have pretty much exhausted the stock of pictures of me that I am prepared to share.

Which leaves me with posting a picture of Mr B  *stares intently at Mr B*.    If I do it quickly before he notices I might just get away with it.    That picture is of him just after we met.   Like two months after we met,  12 years ago.   *looks all misty eyed*.    Remember that double whammy bank holiday weekend we had for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002?  Well I found myself child free that weekend and so we decided to make the most of it and go away.   A decision made about four months after the world and his wife had made the same decision and booked all the plane seats.

“Don’t worry” said Mr B.  “We can get a ferry to Dover and drive to Amsterdam.  I used to work there.  I know it well.  You get us a ferry crossing, I will find us somewhere to stay”.

And so we did.

That was the weekend of Mrs Starfish, and if you haven’t read the post then do.  I am quite proud of it.

I remember taking this pic.   Outside the Rijksmuseum there was a big pool.   It was hot.   We took off our shoes and sat in the sunshine with our feet dangling in the water.   I took that picture.    And now it sits on the notice board above my desk.

It’s good to rewind.   To look back.   Remember the good times.

And not post embarrassing pictures of my kids

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