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Well I could have taken a photo of our back to school preparations but, well, we haven’t done any yet.   And when we do there won’t be much to show.   This term is the first that I only have one child in school.   Now that J is no longer at college and is working, and C continues to work, I only have E in school.   And I don’t mind admitting that it feels a bit weird.

And then on Sunday night I watched a programme on the Equator, filmed in Africa and it reminded me of the schools in Africa that we visited.   And it made me smile.

And open up the photo album on my laptop called “Ghana” that has all the amazing pictures we took at the two schools we visited with Comic Relief last year.   All the memories of those incredible children came flooding back.  Along with memories of the noise.  Oh the noise.   Singing and clapping and general joy at being in school.   It was such an honour to see it first hand.

To see that school is something children long to attend in Africa.  Will walk for hours to reach.  Tragically in some cases not making it, as we heard on the Comic Relief film when the celebrities went to the Zambezi.  Children dying on the way to school is something that should never be allowed to happen.

Sorry, I am going off on a tangent.   But it has also reminded me that now that the summer holidays are over and children are heading back to school we can start thinking about our next Team Honk thing for fund raising with Comic Relief next year and I don’t mind telling you that it is an absolute cracker.   If you were at Britmums you will have a clue as to what we are doing.

More on that in a month or two’s time.

But right now I need to go and wash the PE kit that has just been presented to me.  Still in the bag it was shoved into mid-July.   I may be some time.

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  • Lovely lovely photo T. I love the thought of kids being excited about their education. Wish we had some of that over here 🙂

  • Oh I can not imagine only having one at school. I still can not imagine mine growing up, let alone having jobs and being at college!

    Looking forward to seeing what team honk have in store this year and this post just goes to show you that learning can and does take place all around the world and it isnt about the fancy buildings or technology, but the desire to learn that is key.

  • Really looking forward to seeing what Team Honk has dreamed up this year. I went to Britmums and still don’t have a clue! (maybe too much wine!). Like you, I was frantically washing blazers AND Pe kits last night!

  • LOVE this message T, so important to remember that there are children everywhere and some who are happier than others at the prospect of getting an education.

    Psst. I was at BritMums Live and can’t remember, can’t wait to find out though.

  • Look at that smile! Loved reading this and look forward to hearing what you are all up to this year.