Fat shaming

I am sick of it.   And why am I telling you this?  Because  KT Hopkins has reared her head again this week.   Doing what I  can only refer to as fat shaming.   Because, presumably, she has nothing better to do.    For the past four months she has been filling her face to put on weight.  And now has been parading her new body across the media and explaining how she ntends to lose it all again just as quickly for a documentary.  The point of the exercise, to her mind, to show us fat people how easy it is lose weight.

She claims she now hates fat people for making her do it.

Oh do fuck off.

KT nobody made you do it.  The only fat thing here was a pay cheque wafted under your nose by your agent I suspect and for the lack of anything else to do you decided to accept the challenge.   The idea that fat people made you do this is offensive.  You decided to do this.   For your own reasons.  Most of them starting with £ I imagine.

It is not your job to prove anything to fat people.   What I would like you prove is that you can stay away from my telly or newspaper.

What it proves KT Hopkins is that you ate cake, stopped eating cake and will now go back to eating lettuce.

Its akin to me getting shit faced on Friday night, declaring I have given up alcohol when I wake up with a hangover and telling an alcoholic on Saturday morning that it’s easy to stop drinking.   Or snorting a line of coke off a coffee table at a middle class dinner party, declaring I will never do it again and going round crack houses and telling them pack it in and tidy up.

Life isn’t like that.

People don’t just stop doing something because somebody else doesn’t like it   And they certainly can’t when it comes to food.  If it were that simple there would be no Weight Watchers / Slimming World / Slim Fast etc.   We wouldn’t need organisations like these because we would wake up one morning, say “damn it I will be thin by Christmas” and instantly fall in love with couscous.   Losing weight is damned hard work.   The failure rate for people on diets is huge.  In fact, some would say there is research to say diets don’t work full stop.

There are all sorts of reasons why people are fat.  Some are genetic.  Some are environmental.  Some about control.  Some psychological.  Some are because some of us just like cake.

Some people are genuinely happy to be the size they are, whatever that size is.

Whatever the reasons KT it is not your place to shame fat people into feeling shit about themselves.  You feel it is your place to judge somebody else?  Truly.  It is not.   Really it is not.   If it were our place to judge then I would be telling you that your children look like three of the most miserable children I have ever seen and that maybe you should think about them a bit more.   In fact, I blogged about this very thing a while ago:  Ranty Friday about KT Hopkins

And actually, define fat.   The fashion industry seems to suggest that a size 12 is fat.   High Street stores might suggest it is a size 16.  Society might think is a 20.   The woman herself might feel at 22 she is not fat.

On the opposite side of the fence we have anorexics that are a size 6 thinking they are fat.

It is not your place to decide what is fat.  Or to make people feel shit about themselves because of their size.   Something I addressed in another blog post with that other fat shaming trollop Samantha Brick when she declared that fat women were a failure: Being a Fat Failure.

It featured my arse


That photo shoot was part of me trying to feel good about myself and what I dont need is you coming along and telling me what I need to be.  I am who who I am.   And the world judges me on who I am as a person, on how I behave and the things that I do, not by the size of my arse or the number on the label in the back of my pants.

I don’t need your validation of how I should look thank you very much.

Can you not see how destructive your constant belittling of women is?

Why do you want to live your life just being downright mean?  I don’t get it.   I really don’t understand why you are so constantly nasty to women.

Just please stop.  Whatever your reasons for this, and believe me I have several theories about why you are like this but will refrain form putting them on paper, please stop it.


Now, if you will excuse me, there is a Hob Nob in the kitchen with name on it.

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  • Wow. Just wow. She really is unbearable. Well said and love those photo’s. Beautiful 🙂

  • Seriously that woman has no grip on reality and she to find on an island and do one and when’s she there do one again, excellently written x

  • The woman is a nutcase. The reason for her doing this is (as you say) a great big pay cheque and keeping herself in the public eye, which she obviously craves.

    Beautiful photos of you 🙂 x

    • I do feel sorry for her kids and hope that they are not subjected to bullying or hurtful comments from other children at school, or overhear conversations about other mums at the school gates or on play dates.

  • I bloody love you! She is a vile repugnant oxygen thief and the world would be a nicer place without her! You on the other hand – as I regularly tell you are a fucking awesome individual and worth a million of her!

    Well, written, well said, well ranted – now will you share those hob-nobs with the rest of us?

  • It would be the supreme irony if she found she had become addicted to those extra calories and found that she couldn’t lose the weight and keep it off, no matter how hard she tried. Waiting for that glorious day.

  • I actually want to cry.

    Why oh why would any tv production company fund this utterly awful program?


    I’m lost for words, totally and utterly lost for words.

    Before I go though – fwoarh Barrow! You’re one hot mama!

  • So very well put. It’s funny, ever since I read about what KT is up to, it’s been plaguing me. It’s so wrong and condescending. You put my thoughts into words, probably better than I ever could.

  • Well said, T!!

    The issue with her is that she CHOSE to put the weight on with an end purpose (to lose it all again). Those of us who are different to her/societies ideal image don’t plan on feeling insecure about ourselves or being a different weight to the one that “isn’t acceptable”. And also, whilst she proclaims that she’ll be doing the weight loss without a personal trainer etc, she also isn’t leading the same type of every day life that a busy (working) mum would normally lead.

    • That is so true Nicky. As I say, so many reasons why people might not be able to lose weight that I just dont understand what this documentary is trying to prove.

      Nor her.

  • Amen to that. I really really hope she can’t lose the weight – that would be funny!

  • *stands up and applauds*

    What an amazing post.
    I really cannot believe KT Hopkins. She’s sunk to an all-time low.

    Wow for the photo shoo, you look amazing – I did one in June and it was the most incredible experience ever.

  • I flipping love you!!!
    Another awesome post.

    I rarely take a dislike to anyone but THAT attention seeking media whore really grates on me.

    Wow to your pics lovely! Stunning

  • The reasons KT does it is this. She is provocative to sell papers, get people to watch on TV and write blogs about it. She is a media whore and it is all she is good at. Don’t sweat it, the more reaction she gets the more it validates what she is doing. The media put the idea out to a number of “journos” and certain people say yes I will do it. They are just gobs and bodies for hire. It is offensive, but she is looking for the rise.

    I say we all just ignore her. Send her to “coventry” like the mean girl she is. She must be very unhappy in real life if she feels the need for all this attention.

  • Oh how I will laugh if KT finds it difficult or impossible to shake off the weight she has so irresponsibly piled on for a gimmick. Thank you for such a well written article.

  • She’ll never stop because she gets paid handsomely to do it. And we’re all talking about her, aren’t we?

    And if she didn’t do it, there’d be another pointless bitch ready to take her place – like Samantha Brick (remember her? Wrote an article about how she couldn’t get female friends cos she was so beautiful).

    It’s a sad fact that women are willing to do this to each other.

    You don’t see any fellas getting airtime on TV, saying “all men are jealous of me because I’m brainy and buff” do you?

    The number of women I see at the school gates, in their little cliques, looking the rest of us up and down, just breeds this sort of crap.

  • Is this creature STILL going?!

    How dare she try to trivialise ANYONE’s circumstances, health or image by shoving a dozen eclairs in her face for a fucking cheque.

    Honestly, the second ITV stop giving her the only air she knows how to survive on won’t be soon enough.

  • Handbags at dawn on BT1 should get good ratings – and nice fees as well.
    Let us know in advance so we can put the recorders on please.

  • Great post and AWESOME tweet to KT. It’s just Daily Mail culture, if it isn’t her is that Liz Jones or someone else being similarly vile and misinterpreting a paycheck for validation that they’re right/good/clever (delete as appropriate).

    Size, colour, ability/disability, IQ, relationship status, number of cats–whatever, are nothing. Personality is all that matters in my friendships.

  • Just when you think the women can’t sink any lower! I’m gobsmacked. It’s absolutely disgraceful that a production company has funded this.
    What on earth makes her think she is equipped to deliver advice on this and any of the topics she feels the need to comment on!
    Seriously the women needs to get off her arse and do a proper job, worry about the impact her behaviour is having on her own children and get a grip!
    You look fantastic in your pics too 🙂 xx

  • I just wanted to say I love you and will you be my best friend?
    #BESTBLOGPOSTEVER! (well for 2014)

  • The woman is horrid. Truly. Why she’s being given air-time, time & time again is enraging. GORGEOUS photos of you btw!! x

  • You look amazing in those pictures! Love the tweet – no matter what, she will always be a prat! She is a horrid excuse for a woman… just because her life is so dull… who does she think she is criticizing normal people, hard working people?

  • *sigh* another television program I won’t be watching, I do hope there’s something good on the other side if not I’ll read good blogs just like this one.
    I only fear that by speaking out we are kindling her fire even more so I chose to ignore her and every word she says.
    What a complete waste of space she is.

  • Love your photos!!! And don’t get me started on KH. That woman is vile. How does someone’s job become going on telly and tearing other people down??!! She must have such an empty, pathetic life.

  • What an amazing blog post – your views are spot on – so intelligent and sensitive. As a much larger person myself, I don’t need people like KH to make me feel bad about myself – I am quite good enough at doing that on my own.

    Maybe if I actually liked myself, I might be able to lose weight.

  • Women like her and The Brick have realised they won’t get any attention in life by being nice. They were the mean girls in school who sadly never grew up. Negativity is such an awful way to earn a living. And by the way – BEST. TWEET. EVER! x

  • T, I love you. From a person who wishes she were a few sizes smaller (but not too much as I like curves) but is essentially happy with who she is, thank you.

  • Love this post! Kudos to you…. I feel sorry for people ( KT) who has to put down others in order to feel good! Don’t you think that reflects their own insecurities?

  • Love this. That woman is nothing but a crank paid to have outlandish, ridiculous opinions to rile other women. I love your naked arse, BTW, well done, I’d love to have a photo shoot like yours done and embrace what we have instead of being made to feel guilty by a twisted caricature.

  • Damn bloody right! I wish I was confident enough to have photos like this taken… I look good from the boobs up, but the rest of me… well, I’m ashamed enough as it is without having to have the likes of twat-face there trying to prove a shitty point.

  • That woman really is the pits, wel said T.

    Who is she kidding, yes weight is far easier to lose if you only just gained it, we all know that. Let it hang around for 10 or 20 years and then let her try!

    Mich x

  • Great post, so so sad the media fuels this kind of behaviour and offers her any kind of air time.

    Agree with the comments and especially Katy’s-these women have been given a voice and space because it fits with the whole Daily Mail misyogynistic ‘belittling of women and inciting women against each other’ ethos and it’s so sad.

    Trying to think of a man, any man in the media behaving in that way today and can’t. Says a lot…. You look sensational in your shoot. Anyway, I won’t be watching her foolery. What really touched me about this post was the fact you point out she has no right to judge anyone. Amen to that.

  • Fabulous blog. I’ve been thinking of writing one myself and I probably will do. However, I know she’s only doing it all for the money and to keep being controversial. She’s put the weight on for a reason – money. A simply awful woman..

    • Exactly Sandra (and thank you) But that makes the rest of us, pawns in a game we never signed up to. And that’s the bit I dont agree with. She can spout on TV about issues all she likes, she is entitled to her opinion. But dont start judging people or being vile for the sake of it. Or in fact claiming that “fat people made me do this and I hate them”> That is wrong. And very very dangerous.

  • You go big momma! Someone needs to tell her that even Marilyn was plus size! Hopkins is just an attention seeking witch.
    Bloody love your tweet!

  • I’ve got no words for this woman, but I’m incredibly sorry that her poor children have to grow up by such a negative, intolerant and small-minded woman that has to make herself feel better by putting others down.

    As you’ve rightly said, you can lose weight and will still be amazing. She’ll always be a nasty and bitter woman.

    BTW, you look cracking, my lovely. No pun intended, mwah x

  • The only way for this to stop is if noone watches the programme. No viewers=no advertisers=no repeat

  • Mummy Barrow! You go girl!!!
    I’m a counsellor and my main area of work is working with the over-weight and obese. Your article is absolutely fantastic hits the nail bang on the head. Everything you say needs shouting out loud from the rooftops and I will be sharing the link to this article everywhere I can! Thank you for writing it! Thank you for having the courage just to be you and not to listen to the cruel drivel spouted by the likes of KT Hopkins


    • THanks Mark . I really appreciate it. I so firmly believe that people should be encouraged to be the person they want to be. Not who somebody else thinks they can be. Until as a society we stop projecting our “perfect image” of who somebody should be on to other people we are going to continue the cycle of self loathing — depression — and mental health issues.

      How can we encourage people to be comfortable in their own skin when society is doing it’s damndest to tell us that is wrong?

      Keep in touch!

  • Great post as always, and fantastic photos too, I’d love to get a set done myself! There are some great comments too. All I would like to add is that as appalling as this stunt is, it does get people talking and because KT is such a repellent character it may serve to show how awful fat shaming is.

    I do feel terribly sorry for her. She must be a deeply unhappy person to need to treat other people like this, even for money

  • I’ve been out of the loop with Brit media for a little while, so thanks very much for such a cherry-picked snippet!

    You have to feel sorry for her really… I think she has some personality issues…