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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, don’t they?  And true beauty in the eye of this beholder is natural.   The things that I find most beautiful are the things that occur naturally.   Or are au naturel.   I don’t find Katie Price particularly beautiful when she is full make up, back combed hair and pouting.   But the pics of her in riding gear, hair back and in a hard hat, with very little make up and I think she is stunning.

But I am not about to put a picture of Katie Price on my blog for  The Gallery because, well because that would be just weird.   So instead I am concentrating on natural beauty, something that is beautiful just by it’s very nature.   The photo above was taken on one of our many days out just driving around Barbados, along dirt tracks sometimes, not knowing where they will lead.  Sometimes in what appear to be the poorer areas of the island.

Can we call them the poorer bits though when they have a view like this one?  Something so beautiful and right outside the back door of your house?

Surely there is no better place to live is there?   Or view!

What is your idea of something beautiful?

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  • That is a stunning view!
    Personally I like Katie Price when she’s dressed like a furry pink horse. Because I just can’t get my head round the fact that she would dress like a furry pink horse.

  • I couldn’t agree more on the Katie Price thing and the most beautiful things being natural. That view is certainly stunning, I can’t imagine anyone who lives there thinks they are poor at all!

  • I was thinking about the 50’s when so many people came here to the grim and slumy conditions of Birmingham or London. Thinking they were coming to a better life. Better! Reckon it would have been better to be poor, hot and have that view than a shared toilet, small flat and London grime – don’t you?