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We have certainly had some recently haven’t we?  It has been biblical at times.   Particularly so on Friday night when the country almost went into lock down and there were various warnings put out to say that nobody should travel unless absolutely necessary.

Which is why I found myself at 8.15pm driving 15 miles to drop youngest teen at the ice rink for her regular Friday night meet up with friends.   The drive was terrifying.   There was debris on the road all over the place and the wind was howling a hoolie.    All was going relatively well until we came to a load of signs saying “Road closed” and an instruction to turn right off the main road.    I could see blue lights just up ahead but as there is a bend in the road, couldn’t quite see what the problem was.   Other than we were were being told to turn around.

Today however on the way to drop same teen at yet another social function we found ourselves driving down the road and both saying “woahhhhhhhh” at the same point as we saw the size of the tree that had clearly been across the road.

Massive and completely broken.   Such was the ferocity of the wind that this huge tree had completely broken and fall over.   Next to it is another that has been uprooted, presumably because the ground is just so saturated.

Astonishing that the weather can do something like this.   Can be so destructive.   And that water, without which we can’t live is also responsible for death and destruction.

Which is why I have chosen this for my weather pic on The Gallery this week.  Please somebody else have a sunset pic.



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