The Gallery — World Photo Day

It is safe to say that as I have begun taking more and more pictures I have tried to think more and more about the photo composition, and not just snapping.    I do take too many pictures, it is true.   I probably take around 20 photos every day, even on a day when I don’t think much happens.

Those “improvements” include things like:

Trying to off set the main focus of the photo, rather than getting it in the middle of the picture.

Using something naturally in the picture to create a “leading line”.

Zooming in on something if it would make a more interesting picture than having the “whole scene”.

During our recent holiday in France Mr B and I snuck off for an afternoon to a village that Mr B had found on the map and that he thought sounded quite interesting.   I thought we would only be an hour but there was so much to see that we were actually gone for about four.   Oops.

The picture above is cropped (all my main blog pics have to be a square) so you don’t really get an idea of what I was trying to achieve with it.   Which is this:

French bridge


The tallest part of the shot is over on the right hand side, framing the rest of the picture.

The row of houses is sort of in the middle third on the horizontal, with the river filling the first third.   And the sky filling the top third.

The row of houses is on an angle leading your eye away to the bridge in the distance which is straight.

I am sure there is still alot wrong with the pic but for the Gallery this week, and the fact that Tara is joining in with World Photo Day I wanted to pick something that shows it is more than just a snap.

What do you think?

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