HDYGG — Thorpe Park

I can hear you saying “what?  I thought this was a gardening linky.  What is she doing talking about Thorpe Park”.

Well let me explain

Since I have been joining in, albeit sporadically, with this linky, I have become more aware of gardens.  Of shrubs.  And of hanging baskets around town.    I have found myself thinking “hmmm that would make a really nice blog post” and merrily snapping away and then forgetting I took the pics and not writing the blog posts.

Last week we went to Thorpe Park for one of their Summer Nights events.   What struck me as we wandered around after the park had closed, was how pretty the flower arrangements were.   Not something you would ever really associate with Thorpe Park:  flower arrangements.    Or ever really see if you are rushing from one ride to the next.   But since we had arrived just before the evening event, many of the day’s guests were leaving, and we were really just mooching about and people watching as we waited for the music to start.

And that’s when I got snapping.








Something that I suspect most thrill seekers don’t even really notice.   And to be honest that I really wouldn’t have done a year ago.   But that really do brighten up railings, walk ways and concrete walls.

Well done Thorpe Park!

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  • Saul on the road to Damascus – now Mummy B on the road to Thorpe Park!
    HALLELUJAH. Kill the fatted calf.

  • Good heavens I had never noticed those, and you’re right, they’re lovely! I’ve always thought of TP as being a rather bare place – after all it’s all about the extreme thrills so decor is more apocalypse than Gardener’s World – but I shall have to pay more attention next time I’m there!

  • Flowers can make such a big difference to spaces – colour splash booms!
    Thanks for joining in my waffle-making-friend! x