#GBBO 2018 — Cake Week — Gateaux Vert

Gateaux Vert



As always I am handing in my home work and apologising profusely for the fact it is late.   It should have been in by yesterday but, well, the last week hasn’t exactly gone to plan and the time I thought I would have to make this, Friday afternoon, was the time we were learning my granny had past away that morning.

She loved to bake my granny.  In fact her cooking and catering were legendary.   She could turn a loaf of bread, three slices of ham and a tin of tuna into lunch for the starving hundreds.   Her freezer is currently her legacy, it is full of leftovers that would keep a small army going well into the next decade.

So here it is.  My homework.   I decided that I would have a go at the Gateaux Vert because it looked like it might be fun and I do like to have a laugh when trying to cook.  Mostly at myself if I am honest.  And my thinking was that if it all went wrong then at least I could still blog about it.

This has to be one of the most complicated recipes I have ever attempted.  They weren’t kidding when they said “needs skill”.  Mostly because it is just a poorly written recipe, something that really winds me up.

Anyway, I am not going to copy the recipe as it isn’t mine and I don’t believe in recipe theft.   If you want to have a go (I strongly suggest you don’t to be honest) then the recipe is here:  Prue Leith’s Gateaux Vert

The only difference is that I did a straightforward buttercream with two drops of pistachio essence in it rather than their suggestion.  I just couldn’t be bothered with sugar syrup and all that faff.

I should also probably have done a thicker icing.

Or the tray bake from the first round last week.

Here’s to bread week, hey!

Do check out the other bakers taking part in the Great Blogger Bake Off each week.  The linky is hosted by Jenny and Helen, who link up all those taking part

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  • Your Vert-Vert cake looks fab. I’ve made one myself, some according to Prue’s ideas, like the pistachio marzipan, some following the original recipe. It turned out a very delicious cake. Did you like yours? Are you going to make it again?

  • oh T well done for making this cake especially in light of your dear Granny. I think it looks great (the pot pouri remark on twitter was a tad rude LOL!) and i am curious as to how it tastes after all that effort. Thank you for sharing with our GBBO bake along xx

  • I’m so sad to read about your Granny. What a legacy she leaves in her freezer. Your bake looks fantastic even though you wouldn’t make it again. You definitely deserve a Headteacher’s award & 2 House Points for your homework! Thanks so much for all you do for #GBBOBakeoftheWeek