Getting mug rings off a table

Yes.   I ironed our coffee table.  And when Mr B got home it was one of the first things I said to him:  “Look, Mr B.  I ironed the table”

Now in any other households this would probably raise an eyebrow or two but in this house it is deemed relatively normal behaviour.   Especially at this time of year when I start thinking about sorting the house out for Christmas.   I think about all the household tasks that need doing ahead of a houseful of guests for the festive period.   Clearing stuff away to make room for ornaments.   Cleaning out cupboards ahead of finding space to put in the three metres of Jaffa cakes.   Digging the spare bed out and making sure we have all the bolts.   And ironing the table.

Not because it is wrinkly, that would be ridiculous.   No, because it is how to get rid of white heat rings.

Woah, hold on a minute I hear you say.


Ironing a table to get rid of white marks?

Has she gone insane?

No.   Now I have no idea how this works.  But it does.  Though I should say  IN BIG LETTERS that you should try  this on an inconspicuous area first.  And you might not want to do it on a family heirloom without again testing it on an area that you wont see if it goes wrong. 


But.  That said.   Look.   That picture above is before and after of a corner of our coffee table in our lounge.  Now I say coffee table.  It is not one of these coffee tables that sit beside the sofa and hold a magazine and a coaster.  No.  This is a coffee table that dominates our living room and is 6′ x 4′.   It is huge.   And every now and again somebody  me puts a mug on it without using a coaster.  Or puts down a bowl of hot food without shoving a magazine under it first.   Which means we get a white mark.   And it looks rubbish.

So you iron it.   You plug the iron in, make sure it is not on the steam setting, put a tea towel over the offending mark and then iron it.    Don’t leave the iron on for too long but do in short bursts, checking under the tea towel to see before your eyes the white marks vanish.

Yes people.  Vanish.

As I say, I don’t know how it works since the mark in the first place was caused by heat, but in my experience it does.

Like magic.   So if you need to get rid of white marks on a coffee table maybe you could try it.

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