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There is no escaping it.  There is a definite feeling of autumn in the air now.   Slightly misty mornings where it is dark when the alarm goes off at 6am.   And dark again when Mr B gets home from work at 8pm.   The leaves aren’t quite falling from the trees yet but you can sense in the air that it isn’t far away.   I might even confess to having had the heating on a couple of times this week.

So it is no surprise that Tara has picked autumn as the theme for The Gallery this week.

The pic above was taken in our garden this week.   The apple tree is giving up the last of its fruit for this year and it wont be long before all those leaves are all over the grass.   Sadly I haven’t picked as many of the apples as I would have liked, my plans for chutneys and pies have all been overtaken by other things.  Though we have had the odd crumble.

I love autumn. I am a real winter bird.   Staying inside, curled up with a book and a hot drink, under a blanket or in layers of clothes is much more “me” than being stripped off and parading around a beach.    Autumn is a magical time of year for me, when you can really see the seasons change, I think more dramatically than at any other time.   The trees going from green to orange and red is truly stunning, even for a non-green fingered person like me.

And the light.  The light that you see filtering through the trees is fabulous.  And why I took the above pic.   Though it doesn’t really show terribly well.  But the light coming through the trees was making some fabulous shadows and patterns.

oh yes, autumn is a great time of year and I suspect the other pictures linking up this week are going to feature an amazing array of colours.

PS if you love autumn as much as me and are free on October 27th, there is a meet up at at pumpkin patch in Esher where you can come along, pick your beast for carving, or just take pics.   Info is all here:  Pumpkin Patch Fun


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  • If I still lived in Esher I would join you, sadly that was a few years ago now. I love the look of your apple tree, it will be a fair few years before ours reaches that stage. I give your tree one more week before the winds get to those leaves. #TheGallery

  • Never forget your audience!
    We ancient mariners – no longer able-bodied – prefer a bikini on a beach to a blanket any day!

  • I love autumn too and it’s definitely my favourite season. If it wasn’t my birthday on the 27th, and I didn’t live such a ridiculously long way away, then I would be tempted to go to pumpkin patch.