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Getting your Christmas tree from Christmas Forest


My family thought I had gone mad when I said that we would be getting our Christmas tree at the end of November.   Putting put the Christmas tree was always a Christmas Eve event for me as a child.   I would decorate it with my folks, and then I would go off with each of them separately to help them wrap presents.   Feeling quite smug that I knew what each of them had bought, that it was my little secret.

That isn’t a tradition that has followed me into adulthood as my children are firmly in the “It’s December, when do we get the tree?” camp.  My eldest would have hers up in September if her husband would let her.  Thankfully a new kitten this year means it is looking likely they will become Christmas Eve-rs.

The reason for getting one so early this year is down to the fact that Christmas Forest asked if we would like to review one from them.   They have a variety of locations around London, and can even deliver nationwide.  If you live in London and order by 12pm they can have your tree with you the following day for a small fee, (you need to be up bright and early and have placed your order by 7am in the rest of the country).   That is some service!   You can even chose to have it delivered to your front door, or the room of your choice and installed for an additional small charge.    We decided though that we would like to choose our own tree so agreed we would pick it up from Wimbledon.

Events however, conspired against me last weekend (as so often happens in this house this year)  so I wasn’t able to collect our tree as planned, but my parents came to our foliage rescue and made the trip to Wimbledon on our behalf.

They report back to me that it was well signposted, and that parking was a doddle.   After all no-one wants to have to struggle with a tree across a vast expanse of car park so it was great to hear that this wasn’t an issue.    The selection of trees available was vast, my folks struggled to make a decision but in the end plumped for a 6ft Nordic fir.    The tree was then netted and carried to their car for them.

My parents were also heartened to see that Christmas Forest support Tree Aid, planting a tree in the drylands of Sahel region in Africa for every tree sold.

Now it’s home we just need to settle the time honoured “tinsel or no tinsel” debate.


We were offered a tree plus stand for the purposes of this review.  All thoughts our own. 

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