Visibly Vegan candles — a review

I jumped at the chance to recently review some Visibly Vegan candles.  After all, you know how much I love a smelly candle.

I must admit I thought I knew quite a bit about being a vegan.   Not that I have ever been one, though I was veggie for a while as a teenager.  I know that it means that along with the obvious meat and eggs it also means you can’t have honey, wear leather shoes or have gelatine sweets.     I didn’t realise, however, that it goes as far as the contents of cosmetics, cleaning products and even posh smelly candles.

The latter not only often contain beeswax but also stearic acid which is used to harden wax and is derived from animal fat.   Not a pleasant thought when you think about it, vegan or not.

I learned all this when Visibly Vegan got in touch, and I must admit it was something I had never really thought about the wider implications of becoming vegan.  Not only are the candles and their packaging vegan friendly, but there is no plastic, and the wick is made from cotton so doesn’t produce any nasty black smoke as it burns.    Great for both vegan and non-vegans and the perfect gift this Christmas.

They come in lots of different aromas (I was about to say tastes but that’s not right, even they smell good enough to eat).

  • The Lily & Bamboo candle is an utterly gorgeous oriental fusion of bold, rich, heady lily tempered with the fresh, light, clean notes of bamboo.
  • The Grapefruit & Seville Orange a zesty blend of tart grapefruit softened with the citrus tang of juicy oranges.
  • The Vanilla & Cedarwood  has the soothing, warm and woody scent of cedar wood softened with the intense creamy rich fragrance of vanilla bean.
  • The above are all from the “Original Collection” but there is also a winter collection which includes this Orange and Clove one which is the perfect blend of Christmassy aromas that remind me of sticking cloves in oranges in Sunday school as a child.
  • Others in the winter collection include Winter Berries and Bay, and Vanilla and Tonka Bean (which I really do want to eat).

The candles are available to buy on Amazon for £29.99 but if you use the code barrow18 at check out you can get £5 off when you buy a single candle.    Should you want to buy more than one then there is a multi buy discount available on Amazon too, where you get £10 off if you buy two and £20 off if you buy three.

The only problem will be, which one to choose.

The Amazon link is an affiliate link, meaning if you shop using that I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) 

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