Gift ideas for teenage girls

So you are stumped.   You need to buy a Christmas present for a teenage girl and you have no idea what to buy.  I know this because I have two of them.  Teenagers, that is, not presents.   The teenagers themselves are no use, you ask them and they just say “money”.   Buying for younger kids is so much easier, they either give you a list of items in the Argos catalogue (and if they are mine they give you the Argos catalogue numbers too) or they want all the merchandise associated with that year’s biggest box office epic film.   Which will often involve hunting down a toy that sold out in September.    Buying for teens in that situation suddenly seems so much easier.

Here are my top five then of gifts to give a teenage girl this Christmas.

1)   Giftcards   What this lacks in imagination is made up in spades buying being pretty much foolproof.   And the choice is immense.   You can get everything from high street stores such as New Look and Top Shop to Starbucks or iTunes.  And of course they can fit any budget.

2)  Clothes   OK so this can be a bit of a dull present solution if you don’t put a bit of effort into it.   If you do a bit of detective work you can find out that a) there is a must have that they don’t have because they can’t afford it or it was out of stock in their area.   Or B) there is a particular store that they love, want one of it all but it is outside of their budget.   For us that is Grindstore or Drop Dead.   The first sells band merchandise for all sorts of bands that sing songs  where you can’t hear the words.  You know the sort I mean.   And the second sell really cool jumpers.  And T-shirts that are £35.  So you see my point.

3)  Gig Tickets   Again with a bit of detective work you can find out the music the teen is really into and then see if there is a gig happening  in the next few months.   So many bands play smaller venues where you can get tickets for £20 so you can get a couple and then offer to drop them off at the venue and pick them up afterwards.   And retire to a safe distance whilst they have their ear drums broken.

4) Personalised phone covers   These are so great and you can either use your own photos or nab some off their Facebook profile.   Phone covers, ipad covers, even calendars can all be personalised with photos and make fabulous presents.

5)  Nail varnishes   Now either you can buy nail varnish in everywhere from Boots to Superdrug to the local supermarket, or you can get some personalised by a company called enail.   For less than £20 you can choose three bottles of nail varnish (from over 45 colours), personalised, in a choice of boxes and dispatched within just a couple of days.    They also do free UK delivery.   Plus throw in a bottle of top coat.   It really is a fab present for a teenage girl.  Or in fact anybody!

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