Gin of the month — March — Rock Rose spring

My gin of the month for March is Rock Rose, spring edition


This week it has finally felt like spring has arrived.   There are daffodils on the verges, the birds are singing and when the sun comes out there is a real warmth to it.   With it comes a desire to bunk off work to sit in the garden with a mug of tea every morning and as the evenings get lighter my thoughts turn to summer evenings with a barbecue and a gin.

Which means the arrival of this new gin from Rock Rose this week was perfectly timed for this month’s Mummy Barrow Gin Club selection.   It is Dunnet Distillery’s new spring edition .  Like their standard Rock Rose gin it comes from the north of Scotland but is still made in small batches from locally foraged botanicals.   This one has a real sweetness to it that I adore.  It will be the perfect gin for a really tall gin and tonic with lots of ice in the summer.   Or for a balloon glass full of gin and lemonade, with a slice of apple between now and then.   For this edition they have also increased the cardamom and water mint to bring a real freshness to the gin, which has a long smooth finish.

Though I have tried the Rock Rose before as it was the second gin of my December Ginmas challenge:

By rights this wee gin is only a toddler as it was first distilled in 2014 but since then it has grown up fast and won all sorts of major industry awards. There are 18 botanicals, five of them grown near the distillery in Caithness, including rhodiola rosea Vikings thought it gave them strength for their long journeys, I don’t know about that but I do know if gives this gin a lovely rose aroma

This one is now a firm favourite and I am going to have to stop myself drinking it all before spring and early summer is really here.   You can buy it direct from the Distillery:

Rock Rose Spring Edition Gin


This gin was also the perfect excuse for me to get out in the garden this week and make the most of our tiny patch of daffodils in an effort to photograph the bottle in its natural surroundings.  8am probably wasn’t the best time and sadly the daffodils were not up the job so I had to hot foot it to Tesco for some tulips instead but I think you get the idea!

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