Ginmas — Week 1. A gin a day in December

I decided to try a gin a day in December and called it Ginmas.  Come back every week this month to see what I am drinking and sharing.


How can a whole week of December have passed already?!  I have loved doing Ginmas again this year and have tried to include gins that I didn’t feature last year so I learn a bit more about the huge, and ever growing, gins out there!

Every week I will do a little recap of the gins I have shared on Instagram so you can read about them at your leisure

Enjoy!  And come back next Friday for the next collection

Pin Gin

I kicked it all off on December 1st with Pin Gin as they are the home of my very own Blogger Gin, so have a very special place in my heart.  You can buy their delicious gin on The Gin Parlour (who also helped me source all of the gins featured on #Ginmas).   Pin Gin is made in Lincolshire by Alan and Amy and having only launched this year are going to go from strength to strength.

Pickerings Gin

The home of the original Gin bauble. A gin made in Edinburgh’s first new distillery for 150 years, from an original Bombay recipe that’s been kept a secret since 1947, this gin has a real depth to it. It’s got a warmth and spiciness you won’t find in another gin And had a gorgeous wax seal over the lid that’s pretty unusual too!

Silent Pool

Silent Pool is always my recommendation when people say “I don’t like gin” It’s light and fresh and fabulous with lemonade and perfect if you think you don’t like gin . It says it’s “intrinsically realised” on the bottle and I don’t know what that even means but I do know it’s a fabulous gin.

Mason’s Yorkshire Gin — Tea edition

It was this gin that made me realise that gin has so many flavours that to say you don’t like gin is like saying you don’t like pudding.  You just need to find a flavour you like.   Mason’s Yorkshire gin is made by putting Yorkshire teabags in the still, with the other botanicals (including cardamom and pepper, like my own Blogger Gin). It has a slight citrus hint to it too.   Definitely in my top five favourite gins.


When I first heard about this gin earlier in the year I bought it because of the genius branding.  This gin contains collagen, actual collagen which is good for you and so why wouldn’t you make a gin with it? (though we should all drink responsibly kids) There’s also eleven other botanicals including licorice and fresh oranges. Best served with fresh grapefruit. It’s such a great gin.

Bombay Sapphire

Zoom in zoom in. Look on the top of that big bottle it actually says Mummy Barrow and not even in biro. My name on an actual gin bottle (I’m not counting my signature on Blogger Gin which by the way is selling fast so if you want a bottle you better get one from quick). Mr B organised the bottles for me and the lush that is Annie, a couple of months ago, along with a tour of the distillery.  It’s only up the road so is probably our nearest gin distillery though Hampshire does seem to have loads of them.  It is of course Bombay Sapphire.   A really light gin that is a great base for cocktails, as well as the obligatory gin and tonic (cops glass, LOTS of ice, mixer in last)    If you are ever near Basingstoke do go and do the tour, it’s fabulous and the aromas room gives you a chance to get up close to gin botanicals and find out which ones you really like. And ends with a drink in the bar based on your favourites.


This one has 12 botanicals in it, and water from icebergs. Actual icebergs. So it should be served over crushed ice. It’s super super smooth and amazing on its own. It is also perfect if you think you don’t like gin. Honestly, I bang on about this a lot but if you say you don’t like gin it’s like saying “I don’t like pudding”. There are so many gins and botanicals you just haven’t found the one you like yet. And ditch the tonic. I HATE tonic. Hate it. It’s what stopped me drinking gin until three years ago. Once I ditched tonic the rest, as they say, was history.


Do come back next Friday for the next round up, and if you have any suggestions for gins I should try later in the month, do let me know!

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