Ginmas — Week 4

Ginmas 2017 and it is already week 4

So I promised to do a gin a day for the whole of December but only got as far as Christmas Eve.   Which makes it more of a Ginvent than Ginmas and, therefore, week four only features two gins.    To be brutally honest I just ran out of steam and on Christmas Day I was in a turkey induced coma so didn’t really have the inclination to grab a bottle of gin and photograph it.   Plus I was also face down in a rather fabulous bottle of white Burgundy so gin was the last thing on my mind.

Next year I promise to try harder!

The two gins in the final selection though were the following


I had no idea that Morrison’s were doing a gin advent calendar this year until I saw it tweeted onto my timeline.  It was sold out online and I tweeted my woe to Morrisons, only for my lovely friend Sarah to pick up on it and say “I am in Morrisons and there are three right in front of me”.   I begged her to stand still and not let anybody take them as Mr B and I dashed up the road to meet her.    For around £60 it is great value for money.   Their own gin is a good one too, nothing too remarkable about it so it would suit those that say they don’t like gin (which I am convinced is a myth, everybody can like gin as it is invariably the tonic people don’t like).

and my final one was

Whitley Neill

And yes that is a photograph taken in a hospital waiting room.  On Christmas Eve.  Long story.

Whitley Neill do a whole range of gins, all inspired by Africa.    I have to say their website though is one of the worst I have come across!  So I gave up trying to research and find out any more about the nine botanicals used as the website was making me rage.

Or reach for my gin!

Wherever you are this festive period, I hope you have had a good one


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