Happy Birthday Els Bells

I am being murdered as you read this.   Murdered.  By a 15 year old.  For posting about her, including pics.   But do you know what?  I don’t care.   My baby turns 15 today.    My “made in Saudi, born in Slough” baby is now in her mid teens.

My third C-section and my last resulting in a gorgeous baby girl who is now almost as tall as me.   The smallest of all my babies at just 9lbs who lay in a cot next to triplets born at the same time who weighed just 1lb each and as I remarked how small she was compared to my others I looked over and couldn’t comprehend just how tiny those babies were.

How the baby I was meant to stay in hospital with for a week was whisked away the day after as the woman in the bed opposite repeatedly regaled all of us with how her son was conceived up a mountain in Wales.    In full graphic detail we heard that story over and over again.

And it was lamb curry for breakfast again so I grabbed my new baby and ran.

That baby that now tells me to be quiet when I sing

Puts her hand in front of her face when I threaten to take a photo of her because she knows it will be on the internet in seconds

Who doesn’t take any crap from anybody.  Even on Ask.fm.  Yes she is on there (that’s a blog post in a few weeks when I work out how to word it)

Who listens to music that makes me say “yes but you can’t hear the words” and has seen The Killers, Green Day, Bring me the Horizon live this year.   Yet when AHa where on Children In Need on Friday night she knew all the words and sang along.

Who calls me “mother” when she is cross with me but says “do you need any jobs doing?” when she wants a tenner.

Who knew how to give me a birthday list of presents she wanted by emailing me a power point presentation of items for a bedroom make over, all sourced from the internet.  And a clothing catalogue for rock chicks with the bits she wanted all highlighted.

Who came with me to see Hogwarts at Christmas on Thursday night and who instantly recognised all the famous YouTube sensations in the room.   Having a mum who blogs suddenly became quite cool.   I thought I knew social media.  I clearly know nothing compared to Ellie.


Who is not a fan of pink and is more into grunge but can’t resist pink nail varnish.

You think I am organised?  You should see how this girl organises people.  Including her teachers.

My little straight A student, who is the smallest on the hockey team but insisted on being in goal.

Happy birthday sweetcheeks.   Love you lots


PS full credit to Julia Boggio and her team for styling the above photo of Ellie with the guitar during a recent shoot we did with them.  That photo is a snap on my phone but it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing people in that photography studio.   Post to follow about our day there.

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