Ever considered a yoga retreat at home?

This weekend I will be doing a yoga retreat at home, join me?


This time two years ago I was in the south of France attending a four day yoga retreat.  Not that I had ever done yoga before but the timing was right and I found myself flying on my own for the first time in decades to spend almost a week with total strangers, all in the pursuit of inner zen.   Despite it ticking every box marked “not my comfort zone” I had the most amazing time and came back refreshed, relaxed and recharged.

Good job really as the intervening two years have been a bit full on and when times get really tough and I find myself beginning to struggle with all that life was throwing at us I would retreat back into what I learned on that retreat about pausing, writing things down and being kind to myself.   The yoga side of things slipped, I have to admit, and I have always regretted that.  I know I could use Youtube to find something but telling myself I sort of have to commit to a regular session just isn’t where my head is at right now.

Yet now, probably more than ever, is when all of us need to really think about our own self care, self compassion and recharging our batteries.  I am not home schooling but many of my friends are whilst having to still work, or whilst worrying about money with no light at the end of the tunnel or access to usual support tactics.   Either an afternoon with friends, lunch with family, a massage, time alone with a book.   All those things that we have, to a certain extent, taken for granted.

Never then has there been a better time for a yoga retreat at home.  For the cost of an hour’s massage in a local salon you can buy a day’s retreat that allows you to recharge your batteries and to take part in yoga sessions too.

How does a yoga retreat at home work?

It is very straight forward!  You go to the website: AdventureYogi.com and look at the “Retreat Feeling” section. It explains that it is a DIY half or full day at home retreat package.   There are several different packages to choose from, depending on what you want to focus on, all available for a day of your choosing and you can then add streamed yoga sessions as an additional add on if you want to.   I went for the Empowered Immersion retreat because it talks about nurturing empowerment and how I can use it to boost self worth.  I also added on a couple of yoga sessions too.

How much do the yoga retreats at home cost?

It depends which one you go for but they start from £6.99 for a half day and go up to just under £30 for a day, including yoga sessions.

What is included in the yoga retreat?

Each of the six full or half day experiences offer different elements, the above is from the half day “Strong — Experience” option, the below is from the whole day Empowered Immersion:

How do you book the yoga?

When you choose your package and pay for it you receive an email that includes a password and a link to the online yoga studio where all the classes are live streamed on Zoom.   You simply pick the yoga sessions that appeal to you the most and then join.  It really couldn’t be easier.

I think this is a fabulous way to spend a day for yourself, breathing deeply, recharging your batteries, focussing on yourself so that you can then go back to looking after other people.

All whilst wearing your PJs and not leaving the house.   Right now I can’t think of a better way too spend a day.

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