HDYGG — 27th May

Gosh it feels like such a long time since I sat down and wrote a blog post I am not sure I even remember how these days.   Seems that life is rushing past me faster than ever and I find myself approaching the middle of the year without really knowing what has happened to the previous few months.

Life has happened.  Lots of it.  Real life that has kept me away from being able to sit down and write anything longer than about 140 characters or share a photo on Instagram.   I am hoping though that in the next few months things might now settle down and I be able to find more time to get the thoughts out of my head and on here.

Being so consumed by “stuff” though means I have cherished days out with my camera, wandering and nattering.  Especially with Annie.   It doesn’t happen very often and is never a whole day affair, we only need an hour to recharge our batteries whilst photographing flowers or National Trust houses before consuming cake or a sausage roll and waving each other goodbye.   Most of communicating is usually done in the form of a gif so to catch up on news is always food for the soul.

I am also thrilled that Annie has resurrected her HDYGG linky, each Sunday.

Places like Mottisfont where I spent a couple of hours with Annie this week.  I had forgotten what a glorious drive through the Hampshire countryside it is to this house.    That whilst it is just over an hour away on a gorgeous sunny day, with the roof down on my Mini it is sixty minutes very well spent.  Singing at the top of my voice.

We have been to Mottisfont before and were hoping to catch the roses in the walled garden at their very best.  We were probably a week or two early but they were still beautiful to look at


I really should try and learn the names of some of these varieties of flowers because they are stunning and one day I would love to grow a few of them in our garden.    I don’t think I have ever grown anything horticultural without then somehow killing it off.


If you are looking for a garden to wander this summer, I can wholeheartedly recommend this one.  You can find all the info on Mottisfont (opening times and any special events) on the National Trust Website here:  Mottisfont



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