Henrhyd Waterfall

We visited the Henrhyd Waterfall when we were staying at the Glanusk Estate in the Brecon Becons recently because we had heard that the scenery was stunning and that it was a must see when you’re in the area.   The  waterfall is the tallest in Wales and situated just outside the tiny village of Coelbren.   To be honest you might not have heard of it but if you have seen Batman Returns then you will be familiar with the waterfall, and more importantly the cave behind it because it was used as the scene of Batman’s cave in the film.

The land is managed by the National Trust but you don’t need to be a member to visit, it is free and nobody checks passes etc.  They look after the small car park, but be warned it IS small and fills up quickly.  That said it is possible to pull over to one side and wait for a few minutes for a space to become available when someone else leaves.  It is a narrow lane to access it and parking is strictly forbidden in the village so do go slowly and be aware that you might have to back up to let a car coming the opposite way back up (we were certainly glad we took my Mini and not Mr B’s larger car).

It is a short walk down to the Falls, though if you want to make more of a day of it there is a longer walk you can take that takes in more of the scenery and other waterfalls too.   And whilst is probably only a ten minute walk down, it is steep.  Very steep.  Don’t attempt to do it in flip flops as we saw many people doing, you are asking for trouble!   We went on a gloriously sunny day so the ground was dry but if you were to go after it has rained then I can see it getting very slippery.  There is also a steep wooden staircase to navigate so if you have small children with you then you need to be aware of that (and leave the push chair at home, even if you do have one that is designed for more rugged terrain!).

The waterfall is stunning to look at and we could have spent hours just watching the huge cascade of water pouring from the top into the pool below.  People were paddling in the pools, having picnics walking slightly further down the path in order to stand behind the falls themselves (literally in Batman’s Cave).  I am afraid I didn’t do that because I am a wimp but Mr B did.   Thankfully when we were there, despite the car park being full, the area down near the falls wasn’t so busy and he didn’t have to wait long to get the cave to himself for a few minutes.

The Falls and the walk around the area are well worth a visit if you are in The Brecon Beacons, and as much as I hate walking up and down hills I must admit I felt pretty darn good when I got back to the car.

And never has a gin and tonic been so needed later on in the evening!

Do let me know if you go

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