In the Welsh Wind Gin — A review

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In the Welsh Wind Gin is a baby, it’s even younger than our five month old grand-daughter.  But this is one of the reasons I adore gin, you can make it and drink it just a few months later, unlike say wine or whisky.   You can make something and a week or so later sit down to enjoy it, without worrying that it is too young to be out.


That’s not to say though that Alex and Ellen, the founders of the Welsh Wind Distillery are novices, far from it.  Alex and Ellen set up the Distillery at the beginning of January 2018, having been inspired to do so by trips to craft distilleries in Scotland the previous summer.   With no background in distilling they had a real passion and enthusiasm, and a renovated cow shed so started off by developing and distilling premium gins for other brands and businesses.  They also became the first distillery in Wales to offer members of the public the chance to visit a distillery to make their own gin.

Within a year they had outgrown the original cowshed, and taken on more help, so moved into new premises in Ceredigion in March 2019.

Just a year after that they launched their Signature Style Welsh Wind gin in July 2020.  The harbour town of New Quay has 19th Century landing tariffs fixed to its harbour wall and provides a list of botanicals that are now synonymous with Welsh kitchens: oranges, currants, tea, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger (Bara brith anyone?!) so this became the inspiration for the Welsh Wind Signature gin.

And what an inspiration it was.  This gin is wonderful, and with a warmth to it that makes it perfect for winter drinking.  It is so good in fact that you can even drink it neat, and there are very few gins that you can say that about.   There is a depth and smoothness to it that I absolutely love, possibly from the tea soaked currants.

You can buy it direct from their website for £42.

This is now firmly on my list of favourites

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