Home made “Nutella” recipe

Home made Nutella recipe

Can I make Nutella at home?

Yes!  You absolutely can, with just a few ingredients you can have your own jar of this chocolatey goodness in less than an hour

Do I need a high speed blender to make Nutella?

You do really as you need to blitz the hazelnuts.  I use my Thermomix because I can then warm the chocolate to melt it too, but you could do this all in a blender and a Bain Marie

When we got our Thermomix last year this was one of the first recipes we ever made in it and it is still one of my favourites.   And what ever self respecting pancake needs is a big fat dollop of Nutella homemade chocolate hazelnut spread

Wait, is this Palm Oil free Nutella?

Yep it is.  Though to be fair to Nutella they have made huge strides with the palm oil included in their products, and say that they are now only using sustainable, traceable, certified palm oil in all their products which is great news.

Homemade chocolate hazelnut spread
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A simple recipe for home made Nutella
Recipe type: Naughty treat
Cuisine: Spreads
Serves: 1 jar
  • 60g hazelnuts
  • 60g sugar
  • 1 tsp of vanilla sugar
  • 15g cocoa powder
  • 90g chocolate milk
  • 170g of a mixture of milk and dark chocolate, broken into pieces
  1. Spread the hazelnuts on a baking tray and roast at 160 for ten minutes. Leave to cool
  2. Place sugars in Thermomix bowl and grind for 20 seconds at speed 10
  3. Add hazelnuts and cocoa and grind for 20 seconds at speed 10
  4. Scrape down sides with spatula
  5. Add chocolate milk and heat for 4 minutes, 100 degrees, speed 4
  6. Scrape down sides again
  7. Blend for 2 minutes, speed 4
  8. Add the chocolate pieces
  9. Melt for 3 minutes, 50 degrees, speed 3
  10. Fill Kilner jars and seal immediately
  11. When cold place in fridge and use within two weeks

You could of course skip the pancakes and just eat it from the jar with a spoon

I won’t tell anybody.

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