How do you find MummyBarrow

Around 1000 people visit my blog every day (I know, I find that hard to believe too).  With page views approaching twice that figure.    And it always puzzles me as to just how people have found mummybarrow.

Some of those people are subscribers, and I love these people alot.   Are you one of them?  You aren’t?  <stares>   You can remedy that by clicking that little button over there and then everyday an email from me will land in your inbox and you can then come and have a read.

Or you might have clicked on a link in Twitter.

A friend might have said “hey you need to go and read Mummy Barrow’s blog.  She rocks”.   Ok, so a girl can dream, right?

Or you might have Googled something and come across me.   And my blog records the words that people have used in Google to find me.

Things such as:

Naked Mummy.  Several shades of wrong

Are purple potatoes real.  Good question.  They are real, but very very wrong

Who wants to start a fitted kitchen company.  Er… okay.  But you won’t compete with Sandford Mills who are the best fitted kitchen company EVER

Mummy Naked Old.  Get off the internet now

That’s gay Twitter.  What?  I don’t even understand that

Is Jane Eyre shit?  Oh for heaven’s sake.  Buy it.  Read it.  Make you own choice. 

Breached my court order.   Can I travel    I don’t like you.   You should be sorting out your court order, not swanning off abroad

Have a CCJ can I travel abroad?  Are you the same person as above?  You sound like a right catch.

Barrow Rant.  Welcome, welcome.  Pull up a chair.

Naked woman blog with boobs.  What is it with the naked mummy thing?

Lisa Faulkner Rice Krispie.   Oh yes.  Fabulous recipe for chicken covered in Rice Krispies

Handlebar Barrow.  What the hell is this?

Bummy Marrow.  Oh yes, that was me.  I was tired. 

Croissant.  This is the most commonly used term for finding my blog.  Four or five times a day. 

Samantha Brick.  Don’t get me started. 

Choccywoccydoodah former employee’s secret.   Ooohh  what secret?  

So be warned.  If you use something other than “find me a mummy  blog with reviews, rants, books and a duck that I will love and want to visit daily ” to find me, I am watching you.

And since this post was published today we have now had:

Mummy sex scenes   Please.  Move along.  Nothing to see here

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