The Gallery — Back to School

Back to school is a staggered affair in this house as for the past two years I have had three children in three different schools or college.  And this is now the first term that only involves E and J.  C is now working full time whilst she makes her uni choices.  So J went back to weekly boarding on Monday night and E went back today.  Though we still have school runs six days a week.  <faint>

It seemed appropriate that the Gallery theme set by Tara this week is, therefore, back to school.   My timeline on Twitter has been filled with it.   As have my days as I cram in all the last minute purchases and organising of it all.  Stationery, new suit and shirts, shoes, hair cuts.

Monday morning saw me frantically trying to find a tailor to alter trousers bought 48 hours before.   I only had nine weeks to do it. <cough>

Suffice to say those shirts and suit were soon hoiked out and hung up after this pic was taken!

And what you can’t tell from this pic is that that suitcase weighs 28kgs!


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