How to cheat at smoothies and get away with it



Okay it might not quite be cheating but smoothies to me have always been a faff.   You have to buy all the fruit and prepare it and then measure it all out, blitz it in your smoothie maker, and generally flap around for ages, to get one glass of fruit.      Or you get organised and buy the fruit and then forget to use it, or something happens and you can’t use it, and it goes from the fridge to the compost, cutting out the middle man.

We have a stunning piece of kit called The Boss by Sage Appliances that has a green smoothie or smoothie button so is perfectly designed for making smoothies.  In a minute.   With a perfect pre-set combination of full on blitzing, and pulsing so all the fruit gets blended to the right consistency and you don’t get any lumps.    The trouble is we haven’t really used it to its full potential because, well because of the above.

And then three things happened.   Jonnie announced he wanted to be healthier and would like to have a smoothie everyday before work.   I realised that I wasn’t eating enough fruit and veg as we eat alot of rice and pasta (teens are not keen on potatoes or veg so we don’t have a lot of “meat and two veg” type dinners).  I discovered smoothie recipes on Pinterest.

Follow MummyBarrow’s board U is for Unbelievable Smoothies and Juices on Pinterest.

This last point was a revelation because not only did I find recipes but I found sites that came up with the genius idea of freezing smoothie portions in ziplock bags ready to dump in your smoothie maker.     You simply grab a bag every day, add water to the machine, tip in the bag of fruit, put something in like flax seeds or chia seeds if you want them, and blend.  Which feels a bit like cheating, doesnt it?

Done Smoothies

The end result though is that you have delicious, cold smoothies, in seconds and can grab them as and when you need them.  No more rotting fruit, no more prep in the morning before dashing out the door.

And all for so much less money that you would pay for one if you grabbed it in a supermarket.

See, I can be frugal when I put my mind to it 🙂

The only thing left to do is find some recipes.  Hence me bookmarking this post from Jen at Mum in the Madhouse entitled 5 Make Ahead Frozen Smoothie Packs.   Now I just need to decide which one to do first!

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  • Why not freeze/chill portions of smoothies various?
    JD could put a frozen item in his bag and by the time he’s in the office job’s a good’un.
    Smoothies “To Go!”.
    Can’t believe I really wrote that.