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How to Keep Skin Healthy and Youthful at Any Age

Most of us aim to keep our skin looking healthy and youthful as we get older, but this will not happen overnight. To keep our youthful good looks, it is important that we take the time and effort to look after our skin and give it the tender loving care that it requires. Many people neglect their skin when they are younger, but the sooner you start taking care of it, the longer it will look glowing and youthful. 

Therefore, we have put together some top tips on how you can look after your skin no matter how old you are. You will be surprised at how the simplest of changes can make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin.

 Protect Your Skin from the Sun 

One of the biggest threats to healthy and youthful skin as we get older is sun damage. Many of us do not appreciate how damaging the sun can be to our skin, and how important it is that you protect it. It is also important to remember that your skin does not need to be in direct sunlight on a sunny day for it to be at risk. Even on a cloudy day your skin is exposed to sunrays. Therefore, every morning you should apply an SPF 30 or higher that is water resistant to your face and any other skin that is exposed. 

Always Remove Your Make Up

After a night out it can be tempting to crawl into bed and fall straight to sleep without taking your make up off first. But what if we tell you that not removing your make up can make your skin age 7 times faster? 

It is so important that not only do you always take your make up off, but that you remove it all correctly. Make up wipes are the least effective way to remove your make up, instead you should use a cleansing balm followed by cleanser that matches your skin type to ensure that you have removed all make up, dirt, and sweat off your face. 

Use Anti-Aging Skincare Products 

If you want to maintain healthy and youthful skin, then we recommend that you introduce anti-aging skincare products to your beauty regime as soon as possible. Many people make the mistake of using them once they hit their thirties, but by starting early you can help to prevent the first signs of aging.

With the right products that contain greener and cleaner ingredients, you will be able to nourish your skin with vitamins and hydrating minerals, which will in turn help prevent the aging process. Products that contain retinoids, such as wrinkle creams, can help preserve the skin’s elasticity. You can as well opt for products with goat milk, such as pure goat milk soaps and creams because the vitamin A and E contained in goat milk delay signs of aging and leave a nice glow.

We also recommend that you try this serum, which is cruelty free, contains vitamin C, and helps to rejuvenate your skin, keeping it looking younger for longer. 

Drink Enough Water 

We all know how important it is for our bodies to stay hydrated, but it can also have a huge impact on how youthful your skin looks. Giving our skin the moisture it needs is essential for its elasticity and is what will keep you looking younger for longer. You should aim to drink around 2 to 3 liters of water a day and this will make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin. 

Get Enough Sleep 

If you are not getting the sleep you need at night then your skin is one of the first areas of your body that will start to suffer. Sleep is a basic human need, and without it your skin does not have the opportunity to replenish and recover after a busy day. Good quality sleep is essential if you want to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. 

Our tips and advice will make all a huge difference in the look and feel of your skin and help to keep you looking and feeling younger for longer! 

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