How to Plan a New Year Getaway for 2021 — AD

For most of us, we are glad that 2020 is gone. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and how we live our day to day lives. And as we enter 2021, having something to look forward to like an exciting getaway abroad is a must. However, whether you’re off on a city break with your partner, family holiday, or backpacking trip, the pandemic is still ongoing, which makes it important to plan your ultimate getaway properly. Here are some tips to help you.

Pick the Right Destination

It’s important to pick a destination that not only matches your needs, but is one that you can actually travel to. With restrictions being in place on where we can and cannot go, you need to choose somewhere that you have a realistic chance of going to this year. If you had hopes of travelling long-haul, countries like Australia have closed their borders to the UK, so it’s best to stick to somewhere closer to home. Ultimately, you need to pick a destination that’s safe to travel to.

Work Out Your Budget

No matter what kind of getaway interests you most, unless you have your finances in order, you will have difficulty planning your dream holiday. There are many questions you need to address, such as how long you plan to go away for, the kind of trip you’re heading on, and whether you want to cut corners or splash out on high-end accommodation. Once you’ve tracked your income and outgoings, you will have a better idea of what you can realistically afford to spend. 

Renew Your Passport

Without a valid passport, you won’t get any further than the airport terminal. Don’t make the mistake of arriving at the check-in desk with an out-of-date passport. Even if you have a couple of months validity left, many airlines require you to have a minimum of six months left on your passport. And if you’re travelling as a family, you need to ensure your kids’ passports are in date too. Instead of leaving everything to the last minute, make sure you factor in plenty of time to go through the renewal process

Take Out Travel Insurance

When heading on holiday, problems and medical emergencies can arise when you least expect them. You can take out insurance and travel cover from Staysure that will keep you and your loved ones protected from the start to the end of your trip. And should a member of your party contract COVID-19 and fall ill, there is specialist cover included in your policy. Staysure has many years of experience supplying millions of travellers with specialist travel insurance policies. 

Plan Your Itinerary 

To get the most out of your new year getaway, you need to have an itinerary in place that provides structure to your trip. While some people like to take things easy and relax by the beach, others prefer to explore and be on their feet all day. Whatever suits you best, having a loose itinerary will help you make the most of your time away. Start reading up on the destination you have in mind. Check whether places are likely to be open when you visit, and have a backup plan in place in case the activities you want to do are curtailed because of Covid restrictions. 

If you haven’t been away since pre-COVID, it’s normal to have reservations and anxiety about what the future holds. However, as long as you adhere to government guidelines in terms of keeping you and others safe, the risk of contracting the coronavirus during your new year getaway will be slim. 

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