How to spruce up an attic bedroom

Attic bedrooms can be really beautiful, but it is often hard to know how to style them, especially as they tend to have more difficult layouts to work with than other rooms. 

Here are some ways that you can spruce up your attic bedroom to bring it to life:

Eaves storage

One of the biggest problems often faced with attic bedrooms is their awkward shapes. As they are in the roof, they often have lower eaves which can be hard to navigate. Many pieces of furniture such as armchairs or desks won’t fit under the eaves, but it seems a shame to not take full advantage of the space. Built-in eaves storage is a great option for an attic bedroom as it looks seamless, utilises the space, and allows for less clutter on display in the room. This can be tailored to your specific space to fit perfectly and sliding doors can be used f to avoid large doors encroaching into the room when you need to access things. 

Introduce greenery

This isn’t specific to attic bedrooms in particular but adding greenery to any bedroom is a lovely addition. Not only does greenery add to the aesthetic of a room, but there are also many health benefits to having plants in your home. These include better air quality and increased concentration. Do some research into plants that are easy to look after if you’re new to them and worried about keeping them alive. As you get more confident with house plants you can branch out into different types.

Lighting is key

Unfortunately, attic bedrooms often don’t get lots of natural light. This isn’t always the case but if your attic room has small or angled windows it could be that there is very little natural light coming through. This can cause the room to be very dark, particularly during the winter months. Therefore, it is key to place importance on lighting when designing your attic room. Opt for warm lighting to create a cosy vibe andinclude different sources of light rather than just one overheadlight. Be sure to invest in lamps and/or fairy lights so the lighting in the room can work for different times of day and for different purposes. 

Focus on warmth

As well as being dark, attic rooms can often be the coldest rooms in the house during winter. Take this into consideration when sprucing up the room and put measures in place to keep the room warm when necessary. We don’t often think of heating as being stylish but there is no reason why keeping a room toasty warm needs to be unattractive. Buy or make some draught excluders that complement the colour scheme of your room, this is an effective way to keep in heat whilst all introducing texture to the room. Thick carpets are another great way of keeping in heat whilst also adding to the overall design of a room. 

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