I’m a blogger get me out of here

I am pitching this to you as a new TV programme.  Don’t you think it would be awesome if all the contestants were bloggers, not C list celebs?

First of all, we would do every single trial.  We wouldn’t wimp out of any of them.  I know this because the voice in our head would be saying

think of the blog post you are going to write after this one

As creepy crawlies drop onto our heads we are writing the opening line:  “So there I was with cockroaches in my ears and mealworms crawling down my front…… And as for kangaroo anus, well it was no worse than the stuff I ate at Uni”

And let’s face it, when you have dealt with a toddler’s nappy that has exploded to such an extent it is behind their ears, you can face a drawer full of rats.

Secondly, feeding twelve people with meals for five would be a walk in the park.  Many of us are quite adept at turning a few food items into a gourmet spread for the entire family.    So we could survive on rice and beans forever.

And we are used to living in chaos and with people who may throw their toys out of their prams at any given moment.

Plus drop any one of us in a group of completely random people and we will be best friends within hours.  Somebody will have put the kettle on, or got the gin out, and a discussion will have begun about follow / no follow links;  do you Google+ ; have you got a Pinterest account

But the absolute clincher is a couple of weeks away from home, doing our own thing, lying around, not hearing a single “muuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmy” or “where’s my PE kit?”.

And finally, I would do anything, yes including facing spiders if I knew I had two 24 hour flights all by myself.    Wouldn’t you?

Shoving our faces in a pile of cockroaches seems like a small price to pay really.

So before I pitch this to a commissioning editor, who’s in?




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