Inside The Vyne


Glasses The Vyne

Last week I showed you the garden at The Vyne.  A National Trust property that is down the road from us and where we found ourselves mooching one murky Sunday afternoon.

The house is smaller than the original which was built in the sixteenth century by Willam, 1st Lord Sandy’s, who was Henry VIII Lord Chamberlain.    The King visited the house three times and viewed it as one a great Tudor courtier’s “power house”.  In 1653 it was bought by the Chute family and remained with them until it was given to the National Trust in 1956, complete with contents.

It was fascinating to see but I was more taken with “downstairs” rather than “upstairs”.  In the days of being in service I would definitely have been below stairs, just look at those bells in the pics below!


Corridor The Vyne

Bells 2 The Vyne

Bells THe Vyne

It made me chuckle that to detract visitors from sitting on chairs and beds they all had holly on them.

Chairs at The Vyne

This is the print room, I was mesmerised by these pictures.

Print Room -- The Vyne

Sewing Machine The Vyne

Staircase The Vyne

And proof that we were together.   You can’t beat a couple’s selfie on a day out, can you?

Us at The Vyne

Or indeed a cuppa and a flapjack in the cafe at the end

The Vyne

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  • Can you still get sets of bellslike those you showed us?
    I’m sure many of your male readers would like to know!
    A new business opportunity, perhaps?