Possibly the best winter boots ever


Hotter Romance Boots

That is a big claim, I know.  But I have been  looking for a really great pair of versatile winter boots for months, probably even years, and finally I have found them, thanks to Hotter Shoes.

One of my greatest memories of 2015 was my afternoon with Hotter Shoes at their store in Kingston, where a few of us got to chose a pair of shoes and a handbag to go with an outfit we had also been able to chose from a newly opened store called Taking Shape.  We were off to Buckingham Palace and I had nothing to wear so the invite’s timing was spot on.

 I had never really been one for buying shoes in a shoe shop before but that day converted me.  I was always more of a “grab a pair Marks and Spencers” or online kinda person until Hotter invited me along to that event in Kingston.   Then I remembered that shoe shopping is not just for kids who need their feet measured, but is for grown ups too!

Which is why I was very disappointed not to be able to make it to the opening of the new Hotter Shoes shop in Brighton in December as it is just that bit too far for me to go on a school night.  Believe me when I say though I was very very tempted, despite the three hour round trip.    I was delighted though when Hotter asked me if I would like to receive a pair of boots anyway as those attending would have been able to do the same.

Oh happy happy days.   Sadly the boots I chose are no longer on the Hotter website but you can buy them from third party stockists such as Debenhams or Kaleidescope though if you want something different there are LOTS of others to chose from on the Hotter website.

I chose the Romance boots because I wanted a pair of boots that had a hard soul that would allow me to pound pavements whilst I walk the dog, but would allow me to wear them on the school run and then go to a meeting straight afterwards without looking like I had just walked the dog.    A smart yet comfy yet warm type combo if you know what I mean.   And I didn’t want black (though they do come in black)

They couldn’t be more perfect and at less than £90 good value for money.   You know you are going to get a well made shoe or boot with Hotter because they have been in the business for so long now they really know how to make footwear that lasts (and when I say for “so long” I mean since the 50s).  They are not about the £15 almost disposable footwear that so many shops pedal these days.   They make things that last, and that are comfortable.   In fact my mother in law won’t wear shoes from any other shop now.

There are over 70 stores nationwide so there is bound to be one near you, all the staff are fully trained on how to measure and fit shoes, and the stock comes in half sizes.    I really would suggest that if you don’t know them you make sure you add them to your “Must Visit” stores when you are next updating your wardrobe.

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