It’s the small things

The older I get the more I realise it is the small things that really make me happiest.   No longer is it the grand gestures or events that have taken months to organise.  Nope.   It is the little every day things that make my heart sing.

This was really brought home to me this weekend when I bought the little milk bottle above.  An insignificant little thing, that cost less than £2 but it has made me smile since I bought it.   And reaffirmed what I suspected for a while.   I am getting old.   It is the little things that make me smile.

We had a flying visit to Cheshire this weekend to celebrate the joint birthdays of Mr B (*waves at Hopalong*) and E, who were both turning a year older this weekend.   It is a standing joke that whenever I am up there I have to nip to Lakeland as it is only up the road and you can park outside.  God I love Lakeland.   Lots of things in there that I never knew I needed.   And as I came down the stairs I spotted this little bottle in a basket and grabbed it.

I am lazy when it comes to milk and am forever leaving the milk bottle out of the fridge, meaning we have to throw away loads of the stuff as it goes off.   This little fella would stop that happening.   I can now just pour out enough for the day and never have to throw a bottle away again.

Yes we have loads of jugs but who remembers to use a jug?  And they still hold too much to be honest.

And it got me thinking about the other little things that have made me happy.    Like my parents coming over for dinner and us all just doing nothing but eat and drink.   Oh and watching E change the name that my dad’s iPad greets him with to “Good morning PomPom” (the name the kids use for him).   Which will now be heard by people in important meetings he attends.   This might make me happy but my dad was none too pleased.

Hearing my teens all laughing as they watch daft cat videos on the internet.

Finding a cat curled up asleep on the bed.

Being paid a compliment

Coming home from a weekend away and remembering I had paid a gardener to come and sort out all our flower beds.

A cup of tea in bed in the morning.

Seeing our hallway carpet free of rubbish and recently vacuumed

All things that make me happy but right now none more so than my little £2 milk bottle.

How about you, what are the small things that make you happiest?

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  • when my kids climb into my bed for a cuddle on the weekend mornings and it ends up lasting 2 hours.

    when I go to the dishwasher and someone has emptied it and put the clean stuff away.

    oh and when the kids play together for longer than 20 minutes without needing me to referee.


    • oh yes. All of those. Especially that middle one. There is nothing worse than a pile of dirty stuff next to the sink and a dishwasher full of clean stuff.

  • I know you’ll disagree with this T, but I went for an early morning run round Albert Dock in Liverpool this morning. That was amazing 🙂
    Not least as I didn’t have to take my boy to school after and ate breakfast in a leisurely fashion too.
    Love that teeny bottle though xx

    • You and I cannot be friends Swazi 🙂 Though I am with you on the breakfast. I am working in a hotel today and have made the most of toast and jam in small pots

  • The company of friends of all ages!
    Even those who irritate occasionally.

    Ah well – only another 18 to go.
    Wish me luck1

  • Oh yes I completely agree. For me it is simple acts of kindness and seeing the children really happy. Or when they say that they love me. Soppy but true.

  • Aw takes me right back to play school! Those milk maid biscuits – hated them, but loved the milk.

    I’m with Swazi, managing to make running club twice a week feels like a little big thing right now. Oh and Mr A bought us all onesies, eating chocolate in a onesie at the end of a tough day is hard to beat!