Micro Scooters are for grown ups too

I am a huge fan of Micro Scooters and have written about them before, most notably here:   Micro Scooters and the humble apology where I had to apologise after I was a tad disparaging.

Since then I have come to love everything Micro Scooter do and they have been huge supporters of Team Honk.     When they approached me this year and asked if I would like to review a Scooter in the run up to Christmas I said I would love to but that with three teens in the house it might not be the sort of review they were looking for.   They disagreed and said that they did adult Micro Scooters and would let me choose one to review.

My mum happened to be over when it arrived and I asked if my dad still used his as I knew he had used one in the past.  Mum said he did and loved it.   He nips off to the supermarket in London as it is easier than driving and having to park, rucksack on back when they need just a few things.    Or even down the Kings Road to John Lewis as it then folds up and goes over his shoulder when shopping.   Mum joked that maybe she should get one so they scoot back to the hotel they are booked in to a mile away from us over Christmas.   “Excellent idea” I said and promptly gave it to her on the understanding that I got a review and photos.   I won’t divulge my mum’s age but you know I am 45 so you can have a guess.   And my dad’s age too, and he has been using his for years.

So here it is:

The Micro Flex scooter inspires confidence straight out of the box.  It is impressively sturdily built (Swiss designed engineering) and looks cracking with it’s shiny aluminum construction.  Set up was very simple and I was out on my test run within minutes.

The Micro Scooter has a broad platform on which to stand and the large wheels give it stability.  It purrs along on what are surely the very smoothest of wheel bearings.  It also has a brake for safety, which takes a bit of getting used to as you step back on it with one foot whilst riding with the other, but it works perfectly on slopes and for crossing roads.

The Micro Scooter is deceptively fast and the ideal device for devouring the miles across town, if you are an urbanite. It’s a shame that this magic vehicle should be reserved for older children when it is perfect for all ages.

Here is Olivia, getting used to her first outing, and she said it was like “being a kid again”.

Mum Micro Scooter

The Flex model does exactly what it says, it flexes at the front for an even more comfortable ride and has the effect of a sort of slingshot to each scoot.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable product that is not just enormous fun, it is very practical for getting about town. For those who don’t want to walk so far anymore, and are tempted to use the car, this is an ideal alternative for popping down to the shops or to the pub, betting shop, church!

I have been a Scooter user for years and am delighted to now have company on my perambulations, although I am deeply jealous of the new Micro Flex and want to upgrade.

So there you have it. A fiendishly practical and fun product for all ages from 8 to 80 that will draw admitting glances from envious pedestrians as you breeze by with a broad grin all over your face.

I couldn’t agree more.   They are great for getting around town, and if you live in London you can avoid the congestion charge!

It had never occured to me that Micro Scooters could be for grown ups too but I think my parents proves they really are, don’t you?!

You can buy them online from Micro Scooters direct, the adult ones start at just under £100.

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  • My other half often ‘borrows’ my ten years olds to bomb down to the car or on other errands! I just know I would fall arse over tit if I tried tho!

  • Blimey look at your mum! What a looker and how cool does she look on that Micro Scooter!
    Had never thought about them for adults but they sound brilliant.

  • Oh my goodness, that is brilliant! I love the boys’ micro scooters and I often sneak on when they aren’t looking. I knew that they did Micro scooters for adults but how brilliant to see them in action.

  • Might it become an international event in Rio?
    If so we should win the Gold Medal in the Concours d’Elegance!

  • I love my micro scooter flex. It made Honkopoly joyful rather than painful and I’m seriously considering using it for my commute to work. That flash of silver at 6am will leave the neighbours baffled 🙂

  • Oh I love this! Maybe I should get one so I can keep up on the school run. Or should I say ‘school scoot’.

  • HOT MAMMA! Wow! And too funny – I literally spent my whole weekend on our adult micro scooter, trying to keep up with my kids on their bikes! If it’s good enough for your mum, dad AND Elle Mcpherson – who am I to argue! xx

  • Brilliant review! And I think they are perfect for London, don’t know why they aren’t more popular. Not like you have to leave it outside or anything either when you are at work or shopping etc. Plus they look great fun! 🙂

  • I was thinking about getting one of these for my FIL this Christmas, so much easier to pop out to the shops in Spain without having to take the car. Pleased to see that your Mum likes her new found freedom.

  • Love it! I can just see them both dashing about London! I can well imagine the laughs there will be on the tipsy trip back to the hotel after Christmas dinner! – pictures please!

  • You know I have been thinking about getting one myself as the boys are so fast on theirs on the way to school I cannot keep up with them. Great review and glad your parents are enjoying the fun and practical sides to them.

  • I want your parents to adopt me! I think you need an annoying little sister in your life. I love them. Look at them scooting around. I have been looking at these for when I walk the dog, he loves it when Kyd takes his and runs way more than when we just walk… I could attach my new GoPro to the handle and show you the dodgy looking folk I share the park with hahahaha