The Karcher SC1– A review



There is no denying that things around here have been neglected recently.   And whilst we have a cleaning lady to do the loos and kitchen and chuck the vacuum cleaner around once a week, the house is looking a bit shabby.    This coupled with more sunlight streaming through filthy windows and there is no denying, I needed to get my finger out and get some cleaning done recently.

Which is why it was great that the amazing piece of kit above arrived pretty much at the same time, the Karcher SC1.   There is nothing like cleaning when you have new toys to play with.  Makes it all seem like so much fun than just using a bottle of something squirty and a cloth.  In fact with this gadget you don’t need any bottles of stuff at all.

It comes with everything you need straight out of the box to clean not only floors, but textiles, shower cubicles, tiles, paint work, … in fact anything.   With various extension tubes so you can do the places you might not otherwise have been able to reach.    In fact there are very few things you can’t use it to clean.   All just by using steam so if you have anybody with allergies to harsh chemicals used in cleaning products this is the perfect gadget to have around your house so you can ditch the contents of the cupboard under your sink.   And at just under £100 it pays for itself quite quickly when you stop buying them all too.


The above is indication of what we acheived with one waft of the wand, having waited just three minutes for it to be ready for use after filling the water tank.   Just one blast and it looked so much better.

This shows what happened doing the same thing on one of my car tyres


In just a matter of minutes, it couldn’t have been easier.   I love this machine, it is small, lightweight so easy to move from room to room and quickly gets on with all the jobs we particularly hate.

It makes cleaning almost like a fun activity!


Karcher Smaller

As one of Karcher’s Super Bloggers I have been sent this product to review


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