Like magazines? You will love Readly


It’s like Netflix for magazines

I was trying to explain to Caity just what exactly Readly is.   “It’s an app and you can download all the magazines you like.  And you can have up to five profiles on one account so different people can have a virtual shelf of different magazines.  And it is only £7.99 a month”.

I was waffling because I was so excited about such a great concept and then Caity said the quote above and it dawned on me that is exactly what it is.


The concept is simple.  Once you have downloaded the app you sign up and  then browses hundreds of magazines from categories that range from animals and pets to wedding and women’s interests.   In between you can scroll past tech, fishing, golf, gaming and boats.    Once you have selected your magazine and added it to your shelf you can either read it like that, or if you want to read off line you can download it so you dont need an internet connection.

Now I have a real addiction to magazines when I am on holiday.   I don’t really have time to read them when at home and if I do have time to read I tend to plump for a book.  But when I am on holiday it is a different story.   I love that you can do ten minutes with a magazine and not really have to pay attention to a plot line or remember what a character did 300 pages before.

Two things I don’t love though are a) the price and b) the weight.    Given that you now get robbed charged £70 for a suitcase on the likes of Ryanair (don’t get me started) it is becoming increasingly popular to travel only with hand luggage.   Which isn’t great when you want to take ten magazines away with you.   From either a weight OR space perspective.   Let’s face it if I have to chose between this month’s Tatler or another pair of pants my family are going to insist the latter wins.

And the cost.   Chuffing heck the cost of magazines these days is huge, especially as I do love things like Country Life and home decorating magazines.   They are all easily £4 so my airport grabs easily come in at around £30.

When you add on Mr B’s golf or photography magazines it soon adds up.

The app, like Netflix, allows five people to have a profile, or bookshelves.   So we have all downloaded the app and joined up.   Jonnie has found that he is addicted to Super Yacht World and International Prime Properties; Caity is loving all the “trashy” celeb gossip magazines and I am finding Log Home Living rather compelling.      If we added up what we would have spent collectively this month on all the magazines we have read it would be over £100 I am sure.

If this hasn’t convinced you, how about a free one month trial?   Surely that has to be worth signing up to, just to see what you think?

All you need to do is click this link and follow the instructions

Let me into the #MagazineMagic

Do let me know what you think, and the titles you have found.

I will be running a competition soon for a six month subscription so keep an eye out for that too!


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