Living Arrows — Week 2

The trouble with being a granny during a pandemic is that you don’t get to spend as much time as you would like with your grandchildren, and that limits the photo opportunities. And makes you a bit sad too. Taking part in Living Arrows though is going to focus my mind and make sure that going forward I get at least one decent photo to share every week!

We were thrilled when support bubbles being extended beyond just childcare (ie you could care for a child but not “hang out” with the other adults) meant that Caity and Dan could ask to form a support bubble with us but we have been mindful that we are still living in a pandemic and need to be careful. We know it wasn’t an easy decision but me being around during the day has meant that if Caity has needed me to do the more traditional babysitting type stuff I am there, and when there was a bit of an emergency before Christmas I could drop everything and be there in twenty minutes. That being said looking back through my camera roll for the past week there aren’t many pics to choose from (though I must admit there are a whole stack of short videos!).

It was a pretty quiet week, I think we were all struggling to come to terms with the lockdown that kicked in on Monday morning. To be honest we were all expecting it but it didnt make things any easier somehow. It’s that idea of you dont really want to do something but when you are told you can’t you suddenly really want to. Who knew that would be go to the beach for the chips or for a wander down the high street? We barely leave the house and so the lockdown doesnt change too much of our daily routine but ya know……

This is little Miss Lily last week when Caity asked me if I could pop over one morning so she could run a few quick errands. I had the honour of giving Lily yogurt for the first time (my first time, not hers) and let’s just say that my weaning skills could do with some refreshing. Feeding a baby yogurt is not like riding a bike, it doesn’t come back to you after a gap of almost 30 years apparently. Within five minutes Lily was wearing more than she had eaten and I realised I had a lot of catching up to do.

But it was glorious. Her clapping between each mouthful filled my heart with joy. Lily didn’t seem to know that her Nanny was making a cods of it and that the cleaning up would take longer than the meal. Her little smile as she looked at me ready for the next spoonful has seriously got me through the past week.

Has really made me realise that being a small part of Lily’s week is still huge and that this pandemic doesn’t stop me being the hands on Nanny I always wanted to be.

Living Arrows

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  • Aww that sounds so cute, so lovely that you’re able to be there for special moments and spend time with your granddaughter ­čÖé Have a good week x #livingarrows

  • Support bubbles are amazing – I’m so glad you get to spend more time with Lily. It’s been such a hard year for families with new babies in them x

  • It’s lovely that you get to spend some time with your granddaughter despite everything that is going on. They change so quickly at that age too it would be such a shame to miss so much of her first year. I have to say I don’t really miss the weaning days though – I was never a big fan of the mess!

  • Oh I loved the weaning stage with my daughter! We are so thankful for support and childcare bubbles, they’ve been a saving grace for so many and I know what you mean about the restrictions making you want to do things even more- I’ve never been to bothered about going ‘out’ but now I’m desperate for a meal out and a trip to the cinema!

    Katrina x