Living Arrows, Week 7

Another week of lockdown, and it’s been freezing, hasn’t it?! So many people had snow again and whilst it did snow here for a couple of days it was more like sleet so nothing really settled and we got all the downsides of it being cold enough to snow but none of the benefits. However, I have seen people sharing photos of the first snowdrops appearing so I am starting to feel optimistic about spring coming, of lockdown lifting and of life maybe, maybe, returning to a bit of normal.

There was a shopping trip to our nearest huge Tesco this week, and honestly, it was the most exciting thing we have done in weeks. Lily doesn’t appreciate that non essential shops are still closed due to lockdown and keeps on growing which proves a bit of a problem. So whilst specific clothes shops are shut, major supermarkets are not (there is a real disparity here and it seems really unfair to the small independents but that’s a whole different blog post). So whilst I needed to do a food shop, Caity and Lily were able to stock up on essentials for the next few months. New socks, sleep suits and leggings all got thrown in the trolley, and there might have even been one or two non essential dresses (they had bumble bees on, how could we resist). For an hour it felt like life had returned to normal, that if we just kept looking down at our trolleys none of this other stuff was happening, a sneak peek into the future.

It was glorious, and if you had asked me a year ago whether or not Tesco would offer this level of excitement I would have laughed in your face. But here we are in 2021 and I think we are all a bit different, right?

Lily happily fed herself lunch and then happily cleaned her own face too. I say “cleaned” she moved stuff around a bit and then tried to suck the Cheeky Wipe dry but it’s a start.

We are now just counting down to the big announcement on Monday 22nd, are you? We want to know when we can hug our friends again, and if our week in France as one big family can go ahead in May. It’s going to be a long week.

Living Arrows

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  • I could not tell you the last time I went in a shop/supermarket. I think it was probably before Christmas, when the kids were at school. When they’re back at school I might go to the supermarket now, it would feel like such a lovely treat.

  • Lily definitely looks like she was enjoying her lunch! I haven’t been to the big supermarket since sometime before Christmas, I think it’s going to feel very strange when things start opening up again and we can go wherever we want!