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Teenagers think texting is just for them.   They think us oldies are all luddites and have no idea.    David Cameron didn’t help matters when he thought “LOL” meant “lots of love” (and in fact I have heard a story of somebody who wrote that in a condolences card as they though the same thing).

What teenagers don’t know is that there is a whole list of “text speak” that they are not allowed to use.   And I was honoured to have received this list from my father in law, Mr B Sr, aka Hopalong yesterday.   So I thought I would share it with you all in case you are yet to be privy.   This is though, on the understanding you don’t share it with any teenagers.

And add your own please!

  1. ATD   At The Doctor’s
  2. BFF  Best Friend’s Funeral
  3. BTW  Bring The Wheelchair
  4. BYOT   Bring Your Own Teeth
  5. CUATSC   See You At The Senior Centre
  6. DWI  Driving Whilst Incontinent
  7. FWIW  Forgot Where I Was
  8. FYI  Found Your Insulin
  9. GGPBL  Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low
  10. GHA  Got Heartburn Again
  11. TOT  Texting On Toilet
  12. TTYL   Talk To You Louder
  13. WTP  Where Are The Prunes



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