Look out Cornwall, here we come

Right then, this weekend we are off to Cornwall and I have to say I cannot wait!!

Thanks to the lovely people at Trevella Holiday park have invited us for the weekend to try out one of their Holiday Homes and to sample all that Cornwall has to offer.

So I need you lovely people to tell me all there is to know about Cornwall please.

I know about pasties and clotted cream teas (obviously).   I also know about Padstow or is it now Padstein?

But what else should we know about or do?

I bought a book (via Give as You Live on Amazon of course so I could raise 13p for Victim Support) to seek inspiration but is there anything off the beaten track we should be doing?

Should we do a Rick Stein or Fifteen?

Eden Project or Heligan?

If this weather continues I am tempted to sit in the caravan with a good book but that sort of defeats the object really!

PS.   I have just had an email that says:

Your readers can save 10% off all glamping, mobile homes and touring pitches at Trevella Park, for holidays taken between 27 April to 28 May 2012, 11 June to 14 July 2012, 3 Sept to 29 Oct 2012. To claim the offer, your readers need to use the offer code MUMS10, and book on the website



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  • Holywell Bay near Newquay is a lovely beach with some stunning sunsets! Oh and on the subject of cream teas, make sure you do it right while you’re in Cornwall. It’s jam first and then cream. Apparently they do it the other way in Devon (weird). Just stay away from doily tea rooms as they tend to serve the smallest scones at the biggest prices. I found a surfer cafe in Newquay that did a huge scone and a mug of tea for half the price and it was perfect! Just wish I could remember the name of it!

    Tintagel is a lovely day out if you’re into the whole Arthurian legend and if you’re feeling brave then I recommend going right up to the top, the views of the Atlantic are just amazing. Also up that way is Boscastle (the place that suffered horrendous flooding a few years back), they are very proud of how they bounced back after the damage done and it’s a beautiful little place. There’s the Museum of Witchcraft there if it’s flinging it down with rain too.

    I haven’t been to Rick Stein’s of Fifteen (too pretentious for me) but if you’re looking for basic food then we found the Harbour Inn just off the Quay in Padstow did lovely lunches the last time we were there (just last year).

    Most of all remember that there are two measurements of time in Cornwall. BST/GMT and Cornish Time, the latter being very much laid back and slower pace than the former!

    Enjoy Cornwall!

    • Thank you so much!!!! That all sounds fabulous. It is those basic food places we love. And I do fancy going to Boscastle, just because I think people should, and spend money there.

      Your tips are amazing, they are all on the list!

  • Oh Tintagel and Boscastle, reminds me so much of our camping holidays to Cornwall as a kid, with my parents, sister, aunt, uncle and cousins, and as Gillie says definitely worth a visit. The Eden Project is a good day out if especially if it is wet, it was a long time ago now but I really enjoyed it. And how about some surfing!!! Have fun 🙂

  • Oh, I always loved visiting Polperro when I was in Cornwall. I used to pretend like there were pirates and smugglers everywhere. You can’t drive right in – you park and then you can get taken in by horse and cart! I also loved Perranporth beach when I was a child – they even have a swimming pool carved into the rocks. When I was little there was a butchers there that made steak pasties and you could buy them to eat on the beach, still hot from the oven. Then pop back up to the shops for an ice cream that they have dented on top then added clotted cream.

    Can you tell I’m desperate to go back to Cornwall?