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I was recently asked by LOVE CORN if I would like to try our their deliciously crunchy corn kernels that are packed with flavour. As somebody who is currently trying to make healthier food choices I jumped at the chance. I am a big snacker, and will often polish off a bag of crisps or peanuts whilst watching the daily 5pm briefings, with no real regard for the fact they are not the healthiest snack to be having a couple of hours before dinner.

LOVE CORN comes in a 20g snack pack which makes it the ideal size for when you need something NOW, but dont want to open a larger bag of crisps or pretzels, and is also the perfect size for a lunchbox too. They also come in a 45g bag, and a 115g sharing bag too so are perfect for decanting into bowls on a table as you sit down to watch the rugby on a Saturday afternoon! There are four great flavours: Sea Salt, Salt and Vinegar, Smoked BBQ and Habanero Chilli, all of them plant based, vegan, gluten free, verified Kosher and Non GMO.

Literally all that is in the bag is roasted corn, and the seasonings.

I love them, and since receiving them for review have now added them to our weekly food order so we always have some in the snack basket. (Yes, we have a snack basket!). Sea Salt is definitely my favourite, there is just the right level of salt without you thinking you need to drink a pint of water. The boys, loved the chilli ones because again the flavour isn’t overpowering but it has a real kick to it.

If you want to try some out for yourselves you can buy them from the website, and by entering CRUNCH20 you can also get 20% off. Just click here.

And if you can’t decide which flavour you would like then you can claim a sample pack of all four flavours for just the cost of the postage (£1.99), just click here

Typically the retail for around £1 for the 45g bags and £1.60 for the 115g size.

Let me know what you think if you try them!

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