Making Christmas decorations out of magazines

Now that it’s December I am now trying to get into the Christmas spirit.   We have an embargo on Christmas until after E’s birthday on November 16th but now that December is here there is no excuse and so here is an idea for how to make Christmas decoration out of magazines.

I follow a lot of crafty people on Twitter so thought that this year I would have a go at making some paper decorations that I had seen other people share.   Out of character, I know, but I love the idea of making something so stunning out of something that would normally just get binned.

Alison at Five Go Blogging told me how to make Christmas decorations with the help of a book or magazine.  Literally.

How amazing is that pic above?!  That ladies and gentlemen is the Sainsbury’s Christmas gift guide, though you could use any small catalogue that falls through the letter box at this time of year.  Simply folded and it is now transformed into a Christmas Tree.  The Star is from a page of Heat (snuck into our trolley by Miss E on a weekly basis) and please don’t ask me how to make it.  She is the origami whizz.

But how to make the tree is simple.   Just three folds:

Fold one


Fold two


Fold three


Keep doing that until each page is folded and then when you stand it up you have a tree!

So simple yet oh so effective.    Don’t cha think?

Or how about buying some wrapping paper and making these?  These are another of the origami queen’s favourites but my amazing talented friend Sophie at Strange Case Collective did a proper tutorial for me because it is what she does:

Now this might look complicated but it isn’t!  We made a whole pile of them last weekend for a homeless shelter that Annie is helping to brighten up.

So if we can do it so can you!



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