Ranty Friday — Daily Misogynist

Once upon a time I used to read the Daily Mail.  I actually used to buy it and read it on the train on the way to work.

Then when I stopped work and was a stay at home mum I had it delivered.

Until one day I woke up and read it for what it was.   Misogynistic, xenophobic tripe.

Whenever I look at the side bar of shame on line (yes, I still look at it online because …. well I don’t know why if I am brutally honest) there is another story that makes me want to rage.  Not necessarily the content of the story but the angle that has been taken, or the accompanying headline.

Yesterday they stooped to an all time low:

What sort of a non-story is that?  A woman who, quite frankly, looks stunning performs on National TV and this is the headline?

The headline was quickly pulled and altered but not before people had screenshot it.   Somebody approved that headline.  Allowed it to be published.  Presumably whilst doing the first draft of this devastating story:

Do they not get it?

Do they not see that all the time the press are printing ridiculous stories about size 10 or 12 women being chubby girls are killing themselves to be thin.   Either by starving themselves or by taking their own lives.

The Daily Mail should be ashamed of themselves this morning.

And should be making a heartfelt apology to Leona Lewis and to every other woman they belittle on a daily basis.



This is my Ranty Friday for this week. Below are other people having a rant.  Do visit their blogs!


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  • I also used to read the Daily Mail, until it dawned on me how awful it was. I try not to now. My dad reads it though, and sends me links to articles he thinks I might like to read and rant about. Leona Lewis is gorgeous. I cannot believe they tore her apart like that. No wonder we are raising a generation of women so worried about our looks and body. I have recovered from eating disorders, so I’m very touchy about stuff like this! Boo Hiss to the Daily Mail today! 🙁

  • Hear hear! I too get caught in the Sidebar of Shame, I’m oddly compelled to look at it, like watching a car crash. Near enough EVERY article makes my blood boil, and more often than not is some complete crap about a fashion “fail” or someone dared to look a bit chubby, that is usually more inane than the crap the Sun publish!

  • Hear, Hear! As a mother of two girls, I am appauled by this attitude. It worries me that these people think it’s ok. What kind of ‘news’ is it anywa? – total tripe! Linking up my rant with you today 🙂

  • I work for the NHS and believe it or not, this paper is widely read on line as they ahev firewalled the BBC and Sky news websites which I would prefer to read. I find myself on this from time to time and then I realise how my anger then seeps into my work adn have to stop. At first I treated it as a comic but then when I was reading it on a regular basis and saw it for what it was, I stopped. It is also a very racist paper and there are a lot of people who comment on stories about asylum seekers etc , that really upset me and I actually fear what their actions in every day life are towards people of different race etc. I hope that this paper is the next to go out of business as it adds fuel to fire that is ignorance.

  • I stopped looking at the sidebar of shame for this very reason a few months ago, after I saw the article they wrote about Lady Gaga being fat because of her marijuana habit. The only fat there is on that woman is on the flaps of meat that she makes her dresses out of!

  • It’s just awful. I found that my 15 year old has been eating mainly watermelon lately. I am obviously concerned about her. I have body image issues I don’t want her to have them too.

    This whole ‘We are the Press and we shall judge’ is just bullshit. Take those generic Sunday magazine supplements which have pages where they line up 6 celebs and put a tick or cross next to them according to how ‘fashionable’ they are. It’s all bollocks.

    I’m getting on the case of this week big time. GRRRR!

  • My daughter is seven, and is already conscious about how she looks; no idea where it comes from as we try to be as neutral as well can about all these things. The rubbish that The Daily Mail and other papers spout can’t help; for goodness Leona Lewis is gorgeous…give it up!

  • This must be the first time that I’m greeing with ALL the previous contributors. What is worrying is that, judging by its circulation it is still a “popular” paper.

  • I don’t have time to read newspapers generally but my MIL reads the Mail and constantly cuts out articles for me and I have to say I have never been overly impressed. I think that the Leona story is awful and so they should have changed it. The media in general has a lot to answer for when it comes to the way young people feel about themselves and as a parent it is often hard to combat that.

  • God the Daily Mail rile me every time someone links to them or posts about them, I don’t look at the site or read the paper but inevitably some people in my Twitter feed and such do and let me know the new lows that they’re stooping to. How they get away with it is beyond me.