Multiple Mummy

If you are not a blogger you will think this is going to be some post about me and juggling.   It is not.

If you are a blogger then you are bound to have heard about Multiple Mummy, also known as Kerry.

For those that don’t know, Kerry is a mum of three who, at the end of July, suffered a haemorrhage after a ruptured aneurysm and has been in hospital ever since.   It has been a very bumpy road and there have been a number of setbacks, with Kerry now being back at Addenbrooke’s.   If you want to read the first update then it is here:  An update  please do go on to read the further updates or look at the Silent Sunday pictures.   But I warn you, you will need tissues.  Kerry’s husband really writes from the heart with a great sprinkling of humour and a massive amount of love.

The thing about blogging is that you don’t need to have met people to feel that you know them.  To refer to them as a friend when you are talking to other people.  I have never met Kerry but I have followed her blog for a long time and have now been reading the updates on it being posted by her husband.   And when I see there is a new one my heart stops for a second.  Hoping for good news.

I cannot imagine what it has been like for Kerry’s family and friends over the past few months to go from being a family doing normally family things to having to juggle work, life with toddlers (including twins) and having mummy so poorly in hospital.   Seeing mummy who hasn’t been able to speak since this happened, or move her right side.   Who has only been able to spend a few minutes a day awake.

So why am I telling you this now?  Well Liska, at New Mum online, has arranged a blog hop for today.  A collective coming together of blogs to pray for Kerry.

Now I have to admit here that I am not religious at all, despite being Christened aged 15 and confirmed the following day.   I believe in there being “something” but I don’t believe in God (but all this is another blog post).   I do believe in the power of positive thinking and of sending healing waves though.   And I wanted to join in as a mum of three and a blogger I just wanted to do something.  Anything to try and help.

So whether you believe in God, or Allah, or positive thinking…. or even as Kerry’s husband says, just thinking of Kerry and eating chocolate, please please please today just send some love their way.

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  • We will raise a glass and some chocolate tonight and send all our love their way. xxx

    • I also have some sparklers. Thought we could wave those around and write her name.

  • Oh I love this post. You’re so right, to visit her blog you need a large box of tissues especially for the video he posted yesterday which makes me cry everytime I watch it. Your comments about Allah remind me of a post that was going round in my head all day yesterday. I was going to post all of the many names God comes under, but it went out of my head again, and I did the “when you say nothing at all post”.

    It has been so humbling and yet joyful also, reading the many posts about her. She is so very loved.

    Liska xx