Mummy Barrow Loves — June

I have a real mixed bag of things to show you on “Mummy Barrow loves” this month.  So shall we just get cracking?

We have everything this month from a book and a game to pancakes and tea.

First up a fantastic new game that I know you are going to love.  It is called Linkee and is simply genius.  In that it is “anti genius”.   It actually says that on the box:  “anti genius”.    The idea is simple.   You nominate a question master, who takes a card, reads it to the other players and they have to guess the link between the four things mentioned.   Shouting it out when they think they know.  If you win, you win a letter and the winner is the first one to spell out LINKEE.   Tactics are included to stop the others winning by allowing the trading of cards.

This really is a great game for all ages as it doesn’t rely on a knowledge of current pop culture, or who was prime minister during the war.    We have played it a few times now,  and can safely say that in the all the groups that have played it, it has gone down brilliantly.   And that is nothing to do with the fact that I seem to know an awful lot of the answers!

I know we can’t mention Christmas yet but I guarantee this one is going to be the must have for many households this year.  You can find out more at Play Linkee


Next up are some little yummy pancakes.   I always struggle to get the teens to eat breakfast before school.   Cereal is never very appealing (or if it is, it is crammed full of sugar) and I don’t want to be doing bacon sarnies every day.  So these tick a lot of boxes.   Made by Abra-ca-debora they are called Diddly Dutch Pancakes.   They can be heated in the microwave in seconds and make a great breakfast on their own, or you can add a splash of lemon juice.   And therefore are great for a reluctant teen who can heat them up and eat them in the car en route.

Or, if you are feeling particularly creative, you can do them for dessert with fruit or melted chocolate.   Heel lekker!!  (that’s truly yummy in Dutch.  It helps being married to a linguist).


Tea next.   I get a lot of tea.   Well hardly surprising as I am such an old tea bag.   This time some lovely black tea from Tea India and also some of their Cardammon Chai.   Along with some recipe cards.   Recipes for cookies or meringues that include tea, rather than just ideas for drinking it.    I am a huge fan of Tea India and loved both of these teas.   The black tea is good and strong and makes the perfect “first thing in the morning cuppa” with a splash of milk.  Whereas the cardammon chai is perfect for late at night, or mid afternoon.


Last and by no means least this month is a book called “Tales from the Domestic Frontline” by author Clare McNaughton.   I had the pleasure of hearing Clare talk at Britmums last year as she is a fellow blogger.   She started her blog, “A Modern Military Mother” back in 2010 and Clare quickly then learned that there is a darker side to having a life online, suffering some of the worst online bullying I have ever heard of.   Hearing her story told at Britmums was jaw dropping.   This book is the best bits (or as Clare thinks, some of the more toe curling bits) of that blog.    Brutally honest yet easy to read it is a cracking little book.   I hope there is a sequel.

Available in tax paying stores such as Budgens in Codford.   Or Amazon.


With the exception of Clare’s book which I paid for, all the other items were sent to me for the purposes of review.





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  • Amazon not being a bookstore as such, obviously. An online multimedia retailer, with only a minor interest in books.

  • Take care in the sub-continent next time you are there!

    I think you are OK with “Cha” – a close relative of “our” tea with the option to add milk and sugar – but “Chai” on sale from street vendors appeared to be tea in a vessel with added sugar and evaporated milk all stirred up and dispensed in mugs with added boiling water. Never tried it but wasn’t encouraged to by its appearance!

    I’m sure it will be totally acceptable in your delicate hands!

  • i am an old tea bag too and i enjoyed my Tea India samples. thanks for allowing me to link you up x